‘Ed tech’ specialists, Osborne Technologies launch their new and improved WizeFloor interactive surface to schools in the UK, Europe and USA.

Osborne Technologies launch their new and improved, out-of-the-box interactive projection system, the WizeFloor One, designed primarily for educational establishments.


WizeFloor is a fun, engaging, cross-curricular interactive learning resource for educators, promoting play, movement and collaboration. Pupils can interact with the surface using their hands, feet, bean bags, play cones and any other soft play items.


The new and improved interactive floor system is designed to be more compact, robust and easier to install, whilst making WizeFloor more accessible and affordable. Available in two models, the WizeFloor One is an all-in-one overhead mounted solution designed for fixed installation within designated spaces, such as classrooms and sensory rooms and the WizeFloor GO is a fully mobile and height adjustable solution, for use in any suitable location. Along with numerous improvements to the hardware, WizeFloor is now more affordable than ever and includes a comprehensive 12 month warranty and optional installation. Osborne Technologies have recently installed their first WizeFloor One solution in the SNAP Charity in Essex, UK.


WizeFloor apps provide the underlying functionality for the many hundreds of available activities, and two purchasing options, ‘Create’ and ‘Play’ are available to suit different requirements and budgets. The ‘Create’ package provides teachers with all the tools they need to quickly and easily create and customise activities with their own lesson content. Whether it be a quiz to assess understanding of a modern foreign language, a game to solve mathematical equations, or a memory game to test geographical knowledge, each app is designed in a way that can be customised and adapted for any lesson or subject. The WizeFloor Play package (coming soon) will come with 50 and 100 pre-made games.


Nev Roberts, Director at Osborne Technologies –

“Many schools across the UK and US already use WizeFloor in their school curriculum to provide fun, enjoyable and motivational learning experiences. It is a unique product in that it can be used right across the curriculum, within virtually any subject and by any age group or ability”.



Andrew Griffith MP visits LVS Hassocks to meet Principal and learn more about their specialist education for children with a diagnosis of autism

Photos by Liz Finlayson/Vervate

Andrew Griffith, Member of Parliament for Arundel and South Downs, visited multi award winning specialist school for children with a diagnosis of autism, LVS Hassocks on Friday 29th April to meet with Principal, Jen weeks, to find out more about the benefits of a specialist education for children with a diagnosis of autism.

Mr Griffith – who lists schools among his priorities as a Member of Parliament – visited the school to meet the principal, for a tour around the campus and to meet some of the students and talk to them about the difference LVS Hassocks has made for their education and for them as individuals.

On social media Mr Griffith highlights his passion for education and has pledged “to support children, teachers and schools by developing training programmes by 2024 to give children access to great schools and great teachers.”

LVS Hassocks were delighted to host Mr Griffith allowing him the opportunity to learn more about the schools’ values and learning environment that enables children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum to thrive and learn in a safe and specialist environment.

Jen Weeks, Principal of LVS Hassocks said:

“We were delighted to welcome Mr Griffith and showcase LVS Hassocks. It was a pleasure touring Mr Griffith around our school and talking about the benefits LVS Hassocks has on children with a diagnosis of autism, we are proud of what we do and the impact we have on our student’s lives post LVS Hassocks”.

Andrew Griffith, Member of Parliament said:

“I received a very warm welcome at LVS Hassocks and it was good to see first-hand the work they do.   

“I welcome the National Autism Strategy which sets out the real steps Government is going to take over the next five years – to create a society which is inclusive of people with autism.  The Strategy will give the extra the support needed – backed by £75 million funding in its first year – to improve diagnosis and education through to employment.” 

 For more information about LVS Hassocks, please visit https://www.lvs-hassocks.org.uk/



Showbie brings Hybrid learning around the World content to TrilbyTV

Showbie and TrilbyTV have announced an exciting new partnership that will bring ‘Hybrid learning around the World’ content to digital signage screens in schools across the UK. It adds to an already epic education line-up that includes; Vocabulary Ninja, Rodocodo, Britannica and WWF. 


The perfect combination to get students learning about different languages


The partnership combines TrilbyTV’s easy to use digital signage solution with Showbie’s ‘Hybrid learning around the World’ content, creating a fantastic way to get students to learn about different languages. It shows short, easy to remember words and phrases, automatically switching between different countries, enabling students to pick up bite sized pieces of information to expand their foreign language vocabulary. TrilbyTV’s Neil Emery, had this to say about the new partnership,


“Our friendship with Showbie dates back over 10 years. As education trainers, we needed a simple mechanism to show teachers the power of digital technology. Showbie is that mechanism and its ease of use was certainly in our minds when developing TrilbyTV. To be partnering with Showbie on our latest Content Catalogue offering is a very proud moment indeed.” 


Laura Maysk, Brand manager at Showbie added,


“Showbie is looking forward to partnering with TrilbyTV to bring fresh content to school TVs across the UK and EMEA. We’ve been friends of TrilbyTV for some time and it’s such an engaging way to share important information, resources and fun content with your school community. We hope you enjoy learning about languages from Showbie teachers and students around the world.”


It’s now easier than ever before to upload this new content to your digital signage, to find out more, head over to TrilbyTV’s website.




TrilbyTV, created in 2015, is the number one digital signage platform made for education. Founders Ben Stanley & Neil Emery were technology trainers, who were fed up of walking into reception areas and seeing TV screens switched off. After investigating further and plugging in a cable or two, they’d usually find the Christmas play pictures from five years ago. When looking into why the screens were switched off initially, there seemed to be a pattern; the software was too hard to use and had to be constantly micromanaged by the IT department. This is why they created TrilbyTV, the easy to use digital signage software that gives users ownership and control of their own content. 


The platform offers a full range of content options for digital signage including video, slideshows, Twitter feeds and web content. It also contains a content catalogue, full of education-focused ready to use content from well known and trusted organisations.


More About TrilbyTV – https://www.trilbytv.co.uk/ 


Searches for teacher training courses have risen dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research.


For the first time in nearly a decade, overall recruitment of initial teacher trainees exceeded the national target in 2020-21, up 6% on the target for secondaries and 30% above for primaries.


To get a better understanding of specific trends around transitions to teaching over the course of the pandemic, Access Education analysed thousands of Google Searches to identify the subjects seeing the biggest rise in demand as well as the UK locations seeing the most change.


The findings have been published in a new report, Boardroom to classroom: How has the pandemic impacted career switches to teaching?, by Access Education, a software specialist for schools and academies.


The research found that between 2019-20, across all core subjects searches for teacher training courses were up. History saw the biggest growth in demand, closely followed by art and design as the most popular subjects, seeing the biggest spike in searches in 2020.


The subject areas that saw the biggest increase in searches between 2019 and 2020 were as follows:


  • History teacher training – up 30.49%
  • Art and design teacher training – up 29.86%
  • Music teacher training – up 27.97%
  • Science teacher training – up 25.72%
  • Maths teacher training – up 20.07%
  • Geography teacher training – up 16.84%
  • PE teacher training – up 15.41%


Secondary education saw the biggest growth in terms of potential new recruits when compared to primary (a 21% increase in searches between 2019 and 2020).


When looking at regional trends, the research also revealed that interest in the profession and searches for ‘teacher training’ related terms spiked in locations across the country. This was particularly evident in the north where Glasgow (up 19.51%), Liverpool (up 17.63%) and Sheffield (up 16.15%) saw the biggest increases of the locations included in the research.

The five locations that saw the biggest increase in teacher training related searches between 2019 and 2020 were as follows:


  • Glasgow – up 19.51%
  • Liverpool – up 17.63%
  • Sheffield – up 16.15%
  • Edinburgh – up 15.11%
  • Nottingham – up 13.52%


Adrian Brown, founder of My School Portal, an Access Education company said:


“The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably changed how some people think about life, work and whether or not they are happy within their existing role. Over the past two years we’ve seen thousands of people deciding to throw caution to the wind and not only consider a new role, but perhaps a different profession altogether.


“The remarkable work of teachers throughout the pandemic was recognised across the country, with many going above and beyond to ensure learning could continue. These heroic efforts clearly inspired others to consider a role in teaching – perhaps as they sought a more meaningful and fulfilling career.”


Click here to view the full research, Boardroom to classroom: How has the pandemic impacted career switches to teaching?



Using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, Access Education looked at a range of seed keywords associated with teaching to gain an understanding of the search landscape for terms related to teacher training. Keywords included ‘primary school teacher training’, ‘maths teacher training’ and more.

For the regional data, we took a look at more generic teacher training related terms for each location such as ‘teacher training’ to establish a wider list of terms.

New Resources Supporting the Integration of Minecraft: Education Edition into Classroom Instruction Now Available from Discovery Education


Discovery Education today announced the availability of a host of new resources designed to support the integration of Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) into classroom instruction.  Accessible through Discovery Education’s award-winning K-12 platform, these resources complement M:EE’s ability to inspire student exploration, experimentation, and expression. Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place.


The Minecraft: Education Edition Channel, now available within the Discovery Education platform, provides educators useful lesson plans as well as ready-to-use activities that support students as they explore Minecraft Worlds and uncover important subject area content and skills. Furthermore, students can demonstrate creativity and showcase evidence of learning through an editable showcase board built within Discovery Education’s content creation tool, Studio. With Discovery Education’s dynamic set of learning supports, educators have a new set of resources supporting the integration of M:EE into Discovery Education’s math, SEL, STEM, and science lessons. 


Connecting educators to a vast collection of high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, intuitive quiz and activity creation tools, and professional learning resources, Discovery Education’s K-12 platform facilitates engaging, daily instruction in any learning environment.  


Discovery Education’s team continues adding, contextualizing, and organizing exciting new content as well as timely and relevant resources to the platform each month in response to current events and the ever-evolving needs of educators. These resources, sourced from trusted partners, are aligned to state and national standards, and help educators bring the outside world into STEM, math, science, and SEL instruction every day.


Minecraft: Education Edition takes everything players love about Minecraft and adds collaboration tools, classroom controls, and more into an open-world game where the only limit is students’ imagination. Available for Windows, iPad and Chromebook, M:EE includes exciting immersive worlds such as Sustainability City, that invites students to explore aspects of sustainable living, from forestry to wastewater, recycling to clean energy, and more, and Code Builder, a feature that allows educators and students to explore, create, and play in the immersive Minecraft world by writing code.


“Minecraft: Education Edition offers educators a powerful tool with which to engage students and we are excited to offer resources that support its integration into instruction,” said Mike Synoground, Senior Vice President of Product Design at Discovery Education. “Together, we are building exciting learning environments that promote the development of creativity, digital citizenship, and critical thinking skills that prepare today’s learners for future careers.”


For more information about Discovery Education’s digital resources and professional learning services, visit www.discoveryeducation.com, and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through Twitter and LinkedIn.  


Is cloud calling the answer to teacher’s stress?

~ 67 per cent of teachers are under unprecedented pressure — how can tech help? ~


The pandemic has made educator’s jobs even more challenging — according to the Times Educational Supplement Staff Wellbeing Survey, 67 per cent of teachers had an unmanageable workload in 2021, compared to just 22 per cent in 2020. To prevent work from spilling over into their home life, educators must ensure their work hours are as productive as possible. Here Douglas Mulvihill, marketing manager, UK and Ireland of cloud communications provider Ringover, explores the role of cloud communications in reducing educator stress.



Having a good work-life balance is critical, both for employees and the organisations they work for. At an individual level, workers can experience significant improvements in mental health and wellbeing as they feel more in control of their working life. Employers who help staff achieve a better work-life balance can expect to see increased productivity and lower levels of sickness and stress.


In the education sector, where staff performance directly affects the quality of the learning of their students, having a motivated, productive workforce is essential. But many of the tools typically employed by businesses to reduce staff stress — flexible working, reduced hours, a shorter working week — are unavailable to the education sector. What can be done to reduce stress among educators?


Adapting to remote learning

While most students are now back in the classroom, that doesn’t mean distance learning is a thing of the past. 20 out of the 24 Russell Group universities are still including some online teaching for undergraduates and staff sicknesses have forced some schools to consider temporarily returning to online learning. With less than two in five educators feeling confident in their current role, what can be done to make remote teaching simpler?


Good communication is an essential skill for any teacher, whether that’s with students, other teachers, parents or management. Cloud communication solutions ensure educators can achieve the same great communication remotely. With real-time voice, video and messaging capabilities, educators can feel confident that they can always reach colleagues and students.


Productive calls

Educators never had a modest workload, and it is only increasing. A report published by the Trades Union Congress revealed that 31 per cent of teachers worked unpaid overtime in 2021, up from 25 per cent in 2020. Ensuring that work stays within working hours is a great way to reduce employee stress, allowing teachers time to rest, relax and return to work rejuvenated.


Educators need technology that works for them, to ensure maximum productivity. Relying on a fixed phone line located in the school’s secretary office simply won’t suffice — a single landline won’t serve dozens of stressed teachers. Instead, education facilities must consider a business phone system that uses VoIP technology.


There are many benefits to using VoIP, which takes calls over the internet rather than a traditional landline. Speed is key when managing a complex network of several hundred students, so features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre-recorded messages without having to speak to an agent, is ideal for managing persistent parent queries.


Other functions, like implementing hunt groups so callers can be put through to multiple phone lines, can also streamline the many areas of administration teachers are often expected to handle.


Teachers can also use VoIP to manage their data, quickly sorting contact lists by class, assignment and level, so updates can be sent out fast to those who need them. Messages can be scheduled in advance, for example reminders about assignment due dates, so educators can spend less time sending out repetitive, simple messages and more time focussing on planning and delivering excellent teaching.


Above all, cloud-based telephony means that no one has to wait for a receptionist to be done with another caller or get put on hold, nor do teachers have to navigate a complex web of communications through a dated phone line — the combination of hunt groups and a well-configured, multi-layer IVR will ensure educators get the information they need, and fast, to help ease some of their growing workload.


PLMR donates £10,000 to Holocaust Educational Trust

Leading UK Comms Agency PLMR is proud to announce a donation of £10,000 to support the London-based Holocaust Educational Trust in its mission to educate young people about the horrors of the Holocaust. 

As a communications agency that takes a uniquely philanthropic approach and champions social values, we are truly passionate about various charitable causes at home and abroad. Educating young people about the history of the Holocaust remains vitally important, especially due to the continued hatred and egregious human rights violations we see around the world today. This is why PLMR is proud to support charities such as the Holocaust Educational Trust to ensure that the world never sees a repeat of the horrors witnessed over 80 years ago.

 PLMR’s Founder and CEO, Kevin Craig, said:

“Thank you to the Holocaust Educational Trust for a morning that I will never forget. An hour in a room where we were silenced in awe and respect at the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor – Janine Webber BEM.  I am incredibly proud and honoured to have founded an agency that continues to expand its charitable outreach. Looking at the shocking scenes currently unfolding in Ukraine or past tragedies in places like Syria or Rwanda, it becomes even more important to aid the amazing work of the Holocaust Educational Trust and other organisations in educating and raising awareness of the horrors inflicted by hateful ideologies.

 “In conjunction with our recent donation, since PLMR was founded in 2006, we continue to donate 5% of net profits to various charitable organisations. We are proud to have donated more than £300,000 to date and we look forward to carrying on with this approach to our work in the future.”

 Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock CBE, said:

“Thank you to Kevin Craig and everyone at PLMR for their generous support for the Holocaust Educational Trust. Our mission is to ensure everyone learns about this seismic episode of our shared history and understands where antisemitism and hate can ultimately lead.

 “Hearing from a Holocaust Survivor first hand is a unique experience, and we were delighted to offer that opportunity to the PLMR team. Janine’s testimony is heart wrenching and her story of survival extraordinary. Whilst very difficult to hear, she somehow leaves her audience inspired. I am sure she had an enormous impact on the PLMR team, and we could not be more grateful for their support.”

Persona Life Skills social-emotional learning integrates with NetSupport’s classroom.cloud


Persona Education, the UK based edtech company funded by Innovate UK and Google Cloud for Startups, has announced its popular online social-emotional learning platform, Persona Life Skills, will now be linked directly from a new ‘Connectors’ section in NetSupport’s award-winning solution for classroom management, online safety and device management, classroom.cloud.

With students back in the classroom, concerns around their wellbeing are at an all-time high, especially as educators are finding that some students’ concentration levels are decreasing. Schools are now reviewing how to help support students’ social-emotional skills development, which can help them cope with the challenges life throws at them, in turn, boosting their wellbeing and chances of securing the right job.

Persona Education’s mission is to boost wellbeing and employability for young people everywhere, by developing social-emotional skills which are proven to help. Its online learning platform Persona Life Skills is already accessed directly by tens of thousands of students at hundreds of schools and colleges. The company is now making a step change in its availability by integrating it with NetSupport’s classroom.cloud ‘Connectors’ ecosystem. 

NetSupport has always been focused on student wellbeing and has continuously refined its solutions, such as by adding a new online safety toolkit in classroom.cloud to support schools’ efforts in keeping students safe as they learn online. Going one step further, its new ‘Connectors’ section allows seamless access for staff to access a rich ecosystem of complementary EdTech solutions for their school. Persona Life Skills will now be directly linked from classroom.cloud’s via the Connectors.

CEO of NetSupport, Al Kingsley, comments: “It’s important to recognise that wellbeing plays an important part to a student’s success. Equipping students with social-emotional skills is an excellent way to improve academic and personal development. Integrating with Persona Life Skills made perfect sense to help schools access complementary social-emotional solutions and, beyond that, it’s a brilliant solution.”

CEO and Founder of Persona Education, Pete Read, said “With a 91% student progress rating and very positive feedback from teachers, we know our Persona Life Skills online learning modules and personality insights really help high school students build social-emotional skills for the life challenges they are all facing – whether they are in the classroom or in blended learning. So, the opportunity to offer the platform through classroom.cloud, which enables seamless classroom and remote teaching and learning, is a great fit. This will make it even easier for teachers to guide students to discover their own unique Persona and build life skills that boost their wellbeing and employability.”

Persona Life Skills is the popular online social-emotional learning platform with a unique personality insights framework at its heart, where students age 13-19 develop life skills that help to boost their wellbeing and employability. To date, 240 schools in 28 countries have signed up to use the platform with over 56,000 students.

The platform offers a scaffolded, age-appropriate online learning curriculum for Year 9-13/Grade 8-12 (KS3, KS4, KS5) secondary students, built around Persona’s personality insights framework, rooted in behavioural science, and complementing existing school RSE, PSHE, SEL, life skills and wellbeing lessons.

classroom.cloud also links directly to MYCONCERN, CPOMS, National Online Safety, Nurture, Pobble, Natterhub and many other education solutions, and it also integrates with Google Classroom, ClassLink, Microsoft School Data Sync, Clever and Microsoft Office 365.


– “NBA in the Classroom” Offers Range of Free, NBA-Themed Educational Resources and Materials –


The National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced the launch of “NBA in the Classroom,” an NBA-themed educational programme that provides free, downloadable teaching materials for secondary school teachers in the UK that focuses on career development, financial management, mental wellbeing and physical education.


NBA in the Classroom, which was developed with input from teachers and is available to all secondary schools across the UK beginning today, offers a range of downloadable, flexible, curriculum-linked teaching resources for use in PE, PSHE/Health and Wellbeing, careers and/or personal development courses.  Students will hear from current NBA players and employees on a variety of topics through video content containing tips, challenges and more.


“We are excited to unveil this original programme to help secondary school teachers in the UK educate and inspire students with interactive resources that can be used in a variety of settings,” said NBA Associate Vice President of Basketball Operations, Europe and Middle East, Neal Meyer. “Through ‘NBA in the Classroom,’ we look forward to collaborating with institutions and educators across the UK to help children develop their personal and professional skills and grow as leaders.”


Through a range of NBA-inspired challenges, the programme will help students be more active, harness a positive mental attitude, develop financial confidence and nurture skills that employers value, including creativity, numeracy, communication, teamwork and organisation.  Resources can be downloaded and used as standalone lessons or personal development sessions and select resources can be combined into full off-timetable enrichment and personal development days or after-school club sessions.


Mr Leighton, PE teacher at Kettlethorpe High School, commented on the new resources saying: “At Kettlethorpe, it’s our priority to bring new experiences to our students and engage them in creative ways. NBA in the Classroom fits the bill for this perfectly. Our students were intrigued to discover that there’s so much beyond just the game, from mental attitude to wide-ranging careers such as sports journalism, social media and physiotherapy. The programme is diverse and easy to add into lesson planning”


NBA in the Classroom builds on the league’s on-court youth development initiatives in the UK.  In partnership with Basketball England, the NBA currently runs 21 Jr. NBA Leagues that reach 630 secondary schools and nearly 10,000 Year 7 and 8 children each year. In addition, the Jr. NBA basketballscotland League features seven leagues and a Jr. NBA Wheelchair Basketball League, while the Jr. NBA Basketball Wales League is currently running in each of Wales’s 22 local authorities.


Register to NBA in the Classroom for free today and receive a free digital poster and get access to a range of engaging, curriculum-linked resources that will equip your students with the tools they need for a brighter future.


For more NBA information, fans in the UK can visit NBA.com/UK, the league’s official online destination in the UK, and follow the NBA on Facebook (NBA), Twitter (@NBAUK) and Instagram (@NBAEurope).


About the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a global sports and media organisation with the mission to inspire and connect people everywhere through the power of basketball.  Built around five professional sports leagues:  the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League and Basketball Africa League, the NBA has established a major international presence with games and programming available in 215 countries and territories in more than 50 languages, and merchandise for sale in more than 200 countries and territories on all seven continents.  NBA rosters at the start of the 2021-22 season featured a record 121 international players from 40 countries.  NBA Digital’s assets include NBA TV, NBA.com, the NBA App and NBA League Pass.  The NBA has created one of the largest social media communities in the world, with 2.1 billion likes and followers globally across all league, team, and player platforms.  Through NBA Cares, the league addresses important social issues by working with internationally recognised youth-serving organisations that support education, youth and family development, and health-related causes.

65% of UK schools exceed safe air pollution levels finds #LetSchoolsBreathe campaign

65% of UK schools exceed safe air pollution levels finds #LetSchoolsBreathe campaign 


London, UK – 27th April 2022; One year ago, Cleantech platform Airly started installing air pollution sensors in schools across the UK in April 2021 to help school children and parents understand more about air pollution levels. Today. Airly reports on the air pollution levels in these communities. 


The UK #LetSchoolsBreathe campaign initiative was started to help school children understand more about air pollution such as particulate matter (PM) and dangerous pollutant gases (like NO2, which is particularly harmful for children). The sensors monitored air 24 hours a day in the immediate vicinity of the school and they were able to view this data for free on the Airly app or map (airly.org/map/en).


The analysis below is based on data from 36 schools based in 9 UK cities over the last 4 months:  

  • 35 out of 36 schools experience levels of PM2.5 pollution that exceed the safe norms set out by the World Health Organisation. 
  • St Anselm’s Primary School in London experienced the most polluted air, whereas Davidson’s Mains School in Edinburgh experienced the least polluted air, with mean PM2.5 concentration below 5 ug/m3.
  • In the first quarter of 2022, the safe annual norm for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) was exceeded at 21 (65%) of the schools
  • Every school experienced exceedances of diurnal (daily) norms for NO2 and PM2.5. For 50% of schools, these diurnal norms were exceeded every other day.
  • The remaining schools experienced diurnal PM2.5 exceedances every third day.


      Mean hourly concentrations of all NO2 at schools in the UK


The chart illustrates the highest concentrations of NO2 occur during the morning and afternoon. This is strictly correlated to traffic patterns, and is also at the times when pupils are entering and exiting the school. The highest concentrations of NO2 and PM2.5 occur in the vicinity of congested roads, in dense urban areas.


Rank City School Type PM2.5 % days where Norm exceeded Number of exceedances
1 Tooting Primary School 19.85 63% 6
2 Southampton Primary School 11.93 38% 23
3 Lambeth Primary and Secondary School 11.59 32% 14
30 Birmingham Primary School 7.22 17% 11
31 Birmingham Primary School 7.05 16% 4
32 Edinburgh Primary School 4.23 9% 8


“Pupils are exposed to high concentrations of NO2 and PM2.5 mainly during travel to school and in school playgrounds. Airly’s outdoor monitors have been positioned in such a way as to be able to determine what kind of air students breathe when they are near the school building. Thanks to the data we have collected, we know the situation is far from perfect, but the first step towards pollution-free schools has been made. This step is to make air pollution a topic for discussion among school communities, having the necessary knowledge and understanding of the causes of pollution and its impact on health, we give hope to the young generation into a world with cleaner and healthy air” commented Marcin Gnat, spokesman at Airly