Five Ways to Keep Your School Secure Over Summer

Five Ways to Keep Your School Secure Over Summer

As the summer holidays approach, schools across the country prepare for an extended period of closure. While students and staff enjoy their well-deserved break, schools can become targets for theft and vandalism, with 2023’s figures showing that crime costs schools £26,575 per year –  more than double the previous year.

Ensuring the premise is secure during this time is paramount, so that’s why experts at Integrated Fencing have provided five measures schools can take to help prevent any incidents from happening over the extended period of closure. 

#1 Install High-Quality Fencing

Installing a sturdy, reliable fence is one of the most effective ways to protect your school. Integrated Fencing offers a range of products that cater to different security needs. Schools in high-crime areas are often more vulnerable to break-ins, making it crucial to invest in heavy-duty steel fencing with anti-climb features. In contrast, schools in safer areas might opt for standard steel fencing, which still provides a strong deterrent.

Maintenance Tips: Steel fencing requires minimal maintenance, primarily consisting of regular cleaning to remove dirt and prevent rust. Gates, however, must comply with Gate Safety Regulations. Integrated Fencing offers comprehensive maintenance packages for both automatic and manual gates, ensuring they remain secure and functional.

#2 Lock Up Computers and Other Valuable Equipment

Schools are often equipped with valuable technology and equipment, making them prime targets for thieves. Ensure all computers, tablets, and other electronic devices are securely locked away in storage rooms or cabinets with strong locks. Additionally, keep an inventory of all valuable items and consider marking them with your school’s identification to deter theft and aid in recovery if stolen.

#3 Set Up CCTV and Alarm Systems

Investing in a robust CCTV and alarm system can significantly enhance your school’s security. CCTV cameras act as a deterrent and provide crucial evidence if a break-in occurs. Position cameras at all entry points, hallways, and common areas. Integrate your CCTV system with motion detectors and alarms to alert local authorities immediately if an intrusion is detected. Regularly check and maintain your security systems to ensure they are operational throughout the summer.

#4 Secure Windows and Doors

Checking all windows and doors on the premises are secure before the school closes for summer is imperative, as well as installing high-quality locks on all doors and windows, and where necessary, reinforcing them with security bars or grilles. For added protection, apply shatterproof film to windows, making it difficult for intruders to gain entry by breaking the glass. Regularly inspect locks and repair any that show signs of wear or damage.

#5 Maintain the Grounds

As strange as it sounds, well-maintained school grounds can potentially deter criminal activity. Overgrown bushes and trees can provide cover for thieves, so ensure that the landscaping is kept tidy and trimmed. Installing adequate lighting around the school perimeter and entrances can also discourage intruders. Motion-activated lights are an excellent option, as they can startle potential thieves and draw attention to their presence.

Commenting on the security tips Hywel Davies, construction director and co-owner of Integrated Fencing said: “The upcoming summer holidays means schools face an increased risk of being targeted by thieves.

“With thousands of pounds worth of equipment inside and no one around for six weeks, it is easy to see why criminals would plan to break in.

“It is essential that all schools implement these measures, particularly those more at risk in high crime areas, to ensure they are protecting the grounds and doing as much as possible to deter thieves, avoiding lengthy insurance claims and costs incurred from criminal damage.

“Contact us for a detailed site survey and quotation for your school’s perimeter fencing and see how we can provide a bespoke solution to your security needs.” 

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