IRIS Partners with PAGS to Support Special Educational Needs and Neurodiversity in Schools


London, UK – 8 July 2024 – IRIS Software Group (IRIS), a global provider of accountancy, edtech, HR and payroll solutions, has launched a strategic partnership with PAGS, the leading provider of special education technology solutions, to streamline Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) management in schools across England and offer more comprehensive support to neurodiverse learners.  


By integrating PAGS’ technology into IRIS’ Ed:gen and iSAMS platforms, schools will be better equipped to manage the assessment, development and provision of support for SEND pupils. Currently, 1,600+ educational institutions use either Ed:gen or iSAMS as their School Management Information System (MIS). 


Approximately one in seven people in the UK identify as neurodiverse – making it more important than ever to have the right infrastructure in place to support neurodiverse learners and help them thrive in educational environments. Schools using IRIS Ed:gen and iSAMS will now be able to automatically pull student data into the PAGS management system, which will significantly reduce the time it takes Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) to create targeted, personalised plans and assessments for SEND pupils. 


The partnership will also help streamline applications for high-needs government funding – a process which can typically take an average of 20 weeks for SENCOs and requires a high volume of evidence gathering. PAGS supports each stage of the application process and will automatically draw information from IRIS platforms to reduce time spent completing applications. 


Simon Freeman, Managing Director for Education at IRIS, said: “Children with special educational needs and disabilities face significant challenges, including an estimated 25% of autistic children having a higher likelihood of struggling with school attendance and students with ADHD having GPAs that are, on average, lower than their neurotypical peers.” 


“PAGS is a natural partner for IRIS; we both invest in solutions that foster inclusive education and prioritise pupil wellbeing. By working together, we can help educators reduce the time spent on manual data entry in spreadsheets and give them more data at their disposal to create impactful strategies to drive better outcomes for pupils. This support will be especially valuable for schools facing SEND budget constraints.” 


Feliciea Jibson, CEO of PAGS Assessment & Provision, commented: “Joining forces with IRIS will empower us to deliver an unprecedented level of support and efficiency to schools. Our combined expertise will ensure that both administrative processes and student support are handled with outstanding proficiency, ultimately leading to better educational outcomes.” 


IRIS Ed:gen and iSAMS are cloud-based school management information systems (MIS) that deliver a comprehensive view of pupils, in real-time, streamlining the management of the whole school day from pupil attendance to grades and safeguarding. With 30 years of experience in education management solutions and a presence in 90 countries, IRIS has the broadest education software suite available in England.