BenQ unveiled as hardware partner to government initiative, Oak National Academy

BenQ has partnered with Oak National Academy, an organisation providing free online classroom resources in the UK, to make their portfolio of over 10,000 videos, lesson slides and pupil worksheets available across its series of Interactive Flat Panels for learning environments.


Oak was created in response to schools closing during the pandemic to help educators’ transition to hybrid teaching models with resources for remote teaching, to aid in-school catch-up, assist lesson planning and subsequently lower teacher workload. 


BenQ is the first manufacturer to partner with Oak and has made the resources available on the BenQ Suggests store, so users can download it to their IFP and access the materials natively from the android operating system. Teachers who have been using the Oak lessons while teaching remotely can seamlessly continue their work as they transition back to the classroom. 


The Oak resources are created by teachers, for teachers and are completely free. They cover a broad range of subjects from Reception up to Year 11, and 600 lessons for students who normally attend specialist settings. In most subjects, there are enough lessons for the whole year that can be adapted by teachers, making the materials as flexible as possible. 


These can now be accessed on BenQ’s series of IFPs and in collaboration with EZ Write Live, BenQ’s proprietary interactive whiteboard software, that lets students annotate and collaborate on the materials from any location in real-time via the Cloud. 


Nicola Pearce, Head of Education at BenQ explains: 


“Through this partnership with Oak National Academy, we are extending our commitment to inspiring learning  and ensuring the best possible access to teaching resources, whether that is in the classroom or at home. As pupils return to school, they will be able to continue their work with no disruptions, using their classroom displays to collaborate and enhance the experience. 


“As well as pioneering healthy learning environments through BenQ’s Healthcare+ features, including antibacterial screens to prevent touch-based transmission within the classroom. Smart Eye-Care Solution combining Flicker-Free, Anti-glare and Low Blue Light features to reduce eye strain and fatigue.” 


Jonathan Dando, Director of External Relations,  Oak National Academy comments: 


“Since April 2020, pupils have taken part in over 100 million lessons while transitioning between the classroom and remote learning. Through this partnership with BenQ, we are excited to keep supporting teachers as all pupils return to the classroom. We hope teachers  are able to access our videos, lesson slides and worksheets inside classrooms in a user-friendly way, reducing teacher workload and helping children learn.” 


BenQ are encouraging existing IFP users to download the Oak National Academy app from the BenQ Suggests store to maximise use of Oak’s resources. As well as offering virtual demonstrations to new users.