Weduc Unveils Free Payment Options for Schools Stand D360, BETT, 23rd – 26th January 2019, Excel London

Accrosoft, parent company of Weduc, the smart education communications platform which features a social media-style interface and targeted Newsfeed, will showcase its new free payment options for schools as well as its new absence manager feature at the 2019 BETT education show.
Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, sister company to Weduc, is also unveiling new video interviewing technology on the stand, and Accrosoft will launch UK School Jobs, a new recruitment service for educational establishments.
Weduc now comes with a fully integrated and secure, cashless solution, at no additional cost. Weduc payments software makes it easy and convenient for schools and colleges to:-
• Integrate with cashless catering services
• Permit parents to pay for school trips and clubs, uniforms and much else electronically, without any additional registration or payment login.
• Communicate payment reminders
In addition, Weduc’s new absence management feature, also being demonstrated on the stand, allows schools to streamline first-day absence reporting and enables parents to submit child absences via the app. It also:-

• Allows parents to report absences with evidential attachments such as medical letters
• Enables schools to write back to SIMS all communications and attachments whilst simultaneously changing register codes in real time
• Allows schools to manage planned absences with leave absence request forms
Launched at BETT in 2017, Weduc is now widely used in schools of all types across the UK and overseas, including the Lady Jane Grey School and the Loughborough Endowed Schools in Leicestershire, to make communication within educational establishments and engagement with parents even easier and more effective. Both schools will be represented on the Accrosoft stand.
Vacancy Filler, another Accrosoft subsidiary, which helps educational establishments recruit teaching and other staff quickly and easily, will unveil l its new video interviewing technology. Fully integrated into the Vacancy Filler recruitment software platform, the technology – included at no additional cost – offers those recruiting for schools and colleges as well as candidates a real alternative to more traditional phone screening and/or first round face-to-face interviewing. Schools using the software include Central College Nottingham, Newcastle-under-Lyme College, and the Torch Academy.
Finally, Accrosoft will demonstrate its new service – UK School Jobs – at the show, which allows teaching staff to easily search education vacancies nationwide, and find out more about their locations before deciding to apply.
Weduc’s interactive education communication software combines all aspects of school communication in an easy-to-use platform, at the same time bringing parents closer to the learning journey. It enables effortless liaison via e-mail, sms, private social media and a mobile app, enhancing communication and engagement between parents and teachers to a level that no other education product has done before. It facilitates targeted communication and makes seamless, two-way parental engagement possible for any educational establishment.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software is one of the leading suppliers of state-of-the-art cloud-based online recruitment software which enables recruiters, HR teams, front-line managers and senior managers to implement a consistent and reliable organisation-wide recruitment process to save time and money.
Vacancy Filler is unique in that it provides comprehensive, flexible, integrated, sophisticated and easy-to-use recruitment and on-boarding software which streamlines the recruitment process for both candidate and recruiter. It helps improve quality of hire and employee on-boarding, while offering a low cost of ownership and measurable return on investment.
UK School Jobs
UK School Jobs is a new breed of job boards which leads with the candidate journey. The product allows educational establishments to highlight their brand, values, and messages. Candidates benefit from an even better experience than they would have if they went directly to the website of a school or college and the service helps schools and colleges to attract and retain the right type of employee.