Wear it Wild: Young ones become wild ones for WWF


What: WWF is calling for youngsters across the UK to sign up and take part in Wear it Wild – WWF’s unique annual fundraising event.

School children up and down the country will wear their wildest clothes to school to raise money and awareness for WWF’s work to protect endangered species and their habitats. Sign up now at wwf.org.uk/wild
When: Friday 27 May 2016
Where: Across the UK. It’s open to everyone – whether you’re a school pupil or a CEO, you can help protect our incredible planet and wildlife by wearing it wild.
How: Wear it Wild challenges the nation to be as wild as they dare. Some ideas to get you started, you can:
• Wear an animal inspired outfit to school
• Paint your face as your favourite animal
• Have a Wear it Wild party or animal themed sports day

So help WWF raise vital funds to help protect our beautiful planet. To support schools WWF will be providing a wide range of curriculum related resources to link your Wear it Wild activities to the curriculum.

Why: Sometimes you just have to let loose and go wild to show your passion for a cause. In the past 40 years, the planet has lost more than half of its wildlife populations. That’s why on Friday 27 May WWF is asking people to take part in WWF’s ‘Wear it Wild’.

Why take part? What’s the urgency?

• Populations of incredible species have declined by 52 per cent in just forty years
• 95% of wild tigers have disappeared in the last century to just 3,200 in 2010
• Rhino poaching has increased by 9300% in the past 8 years
Money raised from Wear it Wild will help support WWF’s work to protect endangered species around the world. So go wild and be part of something that will really make a difference!