Update your bicycle storage facilities in the light of Bike Week.

Bike Week is a campaign to inspire people from all over the UK to give cycling a try. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular, not only for recreation but also due to an increase in cycling benefit schemes, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of company employees and to reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.

As the number of people cycling increases, so does the demand for suitable and secure bicycle storage. Keen cyclists often spend thousands of pounds on the initial outlay of their chosen bike and all cyclists understandably worry about the security of their bikes when not in use.

The Office of National Statistics reported a total of 317,000 bicycle thefts last year (from adults over 16 and households) in England and Wales alone. This staggering number highlights the importance of secure bicycle facilities being made available.

The general advice for making a bicycle secure from theft is to invest in a good quality and tested bicycle lock that can be secured through the frame of an immovable object such as a bike stand. Investment in a cycle shelter or rack will inevitably aid the reduction in bicycle thefts, as well as ensuring cyclists feel comfortable and less stressed when leaving their bike on your premises.

A variety of shelters and racks to suit all budgets are currently available from companies such as NBB Outdoor Shelters. The NBB organisation was picked to be featured in this article due to its extensive range, UK manufacturing, competitive pricing, product guarantees and high-quality finish.

Ready to assemble cycle shelters from NBB start from prices as low as £875.00 with various shelter sizes and styles available. Popular shelters such as the Kimmeridge Cycle Shelter are delivered free of charge to UK mainland addresses and come with a 15-year maintenance free guarantee on the surface treatment of the product. A plethora of inexpensive cycle racks and stands for all type of premises are also available including the eye-catching Loopy Loo Cycle Stand, which the organisation claims is a popular choice of educational environments.

It was pleasing to also see that products for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles designed mainly for residential use haven’t been left out of the NBB portfolio, nor have custom made shelters for those premises’ unable to accommodate standard shelter shapes and sizes.

Another major consideration for anyone thinking about bicycle security is location. Racks and shelters should be positioned in areas with higher footfall, as this will inevitably discourage criminals from attempting a bicycle theft.

In the light of Bike Week, organisations are encouraged to review their cycle storage facilities as good facilities should in turn encourage more people to cycle to you, making for a healthier environment.

To view the full range of bicycle shelters and racks mentioned in this article, please visit NBB Outdoor Shelters at www.nobutts.co.uk.