Supporting teaching and learning through the COVID-19 lockdown

Total UK school closures came along so quickly that many schools didn’t have a complete suite of online resources available to offer continued and complete online learning for their students. To address this Classoos, the enhanced mobile education platform, and its publisher partners including Oxford University Press, Hodder Education, Cambridge University Press, Bloomsbury, PG Online, Elmwood, Taylor & Francis, and Routledge have offered their books for free.

To ensure continuity of teaching and learning Classoos and its publisher partners are now able to offer their textbooks, all on the same platform, completely free of charge to any UK school for 90 days.

All teachers need to do is to complete an online form that starts the process to give them and their students complete access to a vast array of textbooks from the best and most popular education publishers.

Classoos is available over the web online, and with Apps for iOS, Android and Microsoft it is also available offline; offers thousands of textbooks which are searchable by curriculum, exam board, subject and language. While students are working virtually at home teachers can use it to give students lessons and assignments and continue their learning journey while the UK is still in lockdown.
Commenting on the offer, Tim Clark from Classoos said, “we’re delighted our publisher partners have agreed to work with us on this offer. As an education community we want to support teaching and learning as best we can. And as exams are cancelled this year – we realise that teachers will have to re-plan their lessons for the summer term – as they will no longer be holding revision classes. So now with the free content teachers can create new and in-depth lessons for that term”.