The Social Enterprise with an innovative approach to  tackling two of the biggest global challenges in  teaching. 

Founded by teachers, LRTT is using cross-border teaching partnerships to make an impact in  global education. This innovative approach uses two of education’s biggest challenges to  solve each other.   

Challenge 1: The Global Learning Crisis 

Quality education propels people and communities forward and good teaching is the cornerstone of  quality education. But across the world millions of teachers get no ongoing professional development  and an estimated 387 million children are in school but on track to leave unable to read this sentence.  Failure to provide high-quality education is a global learning crisis that is costing $129 billion a year.    “There is a desperate need for innovative approaches to train large numbers of  teachers”. – UNESCO   

Challenge 2: Teacher Retention 

Over a third of teachers in England leave the profession within 5 years. Research shows the main reason  teachers leave is not to workload or compensation, but teacher experience; a lack of opportunities for  teacher agency and professional development. As well as affecting the quality of teaching, it’s costing a  fortune. In 2014, the UK spent more than £555m training new teachers.    The economic and educational need for solutions that retain UK teachers is clear. Supporting and  retaining teachers creates an experienced workforce that delivers better learning outcomes for young  people. Teacher retention should be a national priority.    “Closing the teacher gap means creating a teaching profession that supports teachers  with the agency and environment to grow and thrive.” – Dr Sam Sims   

LRTT’s Innovative Approach 

Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) mobilizes teachers from the UK, US, Australia and New  Zealand to become LRTT Fellows, who then deliver face-to-face teacher development programmes in  Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.    LRTT is bringing teachers together, connecting a disconnected world and building a global movement  that upskills and empowers teachers to employ evidence-based teaching in their classrooms. What’s more, LRTT Fellows go back into their own classrooms re-energised with new skills and a replenished  sense of purpose.   

LRTT is built on the core beliefs that every child has a right to a high-quality education, regardless of the  context they are born into, and that the quality of teaching is the single biggest factor influencing  learning in schools.    Every child has a right to a high-quality education, regardless of the   context they are born into.    The most effective way to improve the quality of teaching is to equip and empower teachers to upskill  each other through instructional coaching on evidence-based pedagogy. LRTT runs two interconnected  programmes that leverage the two challenges in teaching to solve each other.    1. The LRTT Teaching Transformation Programme ​improves teaching in low resource environments  by shifting schools towards a culture of teaching mastery and continuous professional development.  This programme comprises three mutually reinforcing components:    ● Headteacher networks​ and planning whereby each headteacher sets a school vision and  teaching and learning development plan.  ● Lead teacher networks​, whereby each school has a teacher who assumes leadership  responsibility for teaching quality (all year round).  ● Teaching development institute ​made up of intensive workshops, classroom practice and peer  coaching (10% of the teaching year). 
“As teachers, we have exchanged knowledge and skills with teachers from around the  world and have helped one another move forward. Importantly, we have built a  teachers network.” – Phetmany Philasouk, English Teacher, Laos    2. The LRTT Fellowship​ is a leadership development programme that upskills and contributes to  retention of the best teachers from the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Teachers who are  successful in their application to the programme go on to:    ● Become trained and equipped to facilitate evidence-based professional development.  ● Facilitate the ​LRTT Teaching Transformation Programme
​ ‘​in-country’ by spending a month over  the summer working alongside partner staff, lead teachers and classroom teachers to deliver  intensive workshops and instructional coaching. 
“I learnt more about myself as an educator on my Fellowship than in all my years of  college.” – Jessica, LRTT Fellow   

LRTT’s Impact 

LRTT programmes have had a powerful impact. 93% of teachers reported the training made them more  confident and effective in the classroom. This is substantiated by lesson observations which have  consistently demonstrated that teachers are able to apply their new skills in their classrooms.    88% of Fellows say they returned to their school more passionate about education, and 90% of Fellows  say they feel more connected to global education. LRTT’s alumni are so bought-in to the organization’s  mission, they are helping LRTT build a movement. 35% of Fellows continue their involvement with LRTT  on their return to develop their leadership skills further by taking on roles as Team Leaders or Senior  Fellows.    “Taking part in a second fellowship I feel I was able to offer a lot more knowledge  about what successful training sessions looked like and I was able to guide others to  think about how. ” – Gemma, LRTT Ghana   

What’s Next? 

By 2022, LRTT aims to mobilise 6,600 teachers as LRTT Fellows each year, training 11,000 local  teachers who provide higher quality education for more than 980,000 school children, as well as  tracking its impact on teacher practice, teacher retention and student outcomes using an enhanced  monitoring framework.    After establishing that LRTT’s Fellowships have an impact on teacher retention in the UK and the USA,  the next step for LRTT is to build partnerships with governments and schools to subsidise the cost of an  LRTT Fellowship and make it easier for more teachers to join. Schools already onboard have seen how  developing teachers during their summer break can have multiple benefits to the school, at no  disruption to students’ learning.    “LRTT has played a key part in the development of our teachers and a creative route  to making sure our best teachers want to stay.” – Sophie McGeoch, Head Teacher,  Meadlands Primary School   

Getting Involved 

Joining an LRTT Fellowship provides teachers with a unique opportunity to grow as educators, be part  of a team of like-minded teachers, experience education in a new context and make an impact, all during  their summer break.     Are you a teacher? Whether you’re early in your career or highly experienced, all teachers are welcome  to apply. Having teams of Fellows with diverse skills and experience contributes to making the  Fellowship experience such a valuable one for all teachers.     If you are interested in teacher training abroad on an LRTT Summer Fellowship, please visit LRTT’s  website​.      Instagram: ​@LRTT_Fellowships  Twitter:​ @LRTT_Training