Studytracks partners with prestigious music and business figures to take app to the next level


  • Studytracks has announced that Cathy Guetta, Fay Arjomandi and Raphael Aflalo have joined the edtech startup’s advisory board with the aim of continuing its rapid development, including plans to partner with renowned music artists.
  • Cathy Guetta and Raphael Aflalo are the co-founders of My Love Affair, an international agency dedicated to bringing together brands and artists. Fay Arjomandi is the former CEO of Vodafone Xone.
  • The app has also recently been updated and now features over 500 songs for both GCSE and AS-level subjects, as well as US SAT.


Highly commended Bett Award finalist and study app, Studytracks, today announced its partnership with three prestigious advisors: Cathy Guetta, Fay Arjomandi and Raphael Aflalo. With this partnership, Studytracks plans to collaborate with globally recognised, contemporary vocal artists to highlight the app’s innovative way of learning. Part of the campaign will see artists record their voices and lend their talents to tracks that will then be available in the app for students to listen to and learn from.

Creative artistic director and internationally acclaimed businesswoman, Cathy Guetta, and expert in communications and digital marketing, Raphael Aflalo, both are affiliated with ‘My Love Affair’, an international agency dedicated to bringing together brands and artists. The two of them, along with Fay Arjomandi, former CEO of Vodafone, have partnered with Studytracks to ensure the app reaches students from all over the world, giving them a fresh and innovative way of studying that fits with a 21st Century lifestyle.

Studytracks, which was founded by Ivor Novello Award winner, George Hammond-Hagan, officially launched in February 2016 and merges music with study materials, creating lyrics or “hooks” relating to a specific exam theme or topic. These hooks become embedded in students’ memories – just like the lyrics to a song – enabling them to recall information easily and effectively.

Within less than a year of launching, the app has already been downloaded by over 40,000 students. It’s most recent update, Studytracks V2.0, launched in September 2016 and now includes greater functionality, integration, and over 500 songs within various UK GCSE, UK AS-level subjects and US SAT.


Founder of Studytracks, George Hammond-Hagan, said, “Studytracks’ success within its first year has far exceeded our expectations and we have lots more exciting developments on the way. Our partnership with Cathy, Fay and Raphael will take the app to the next level. Naturally, students love listening to music and current artists, so by combining our method of study with international artist involvement, we can engage students even further and help them retain and recall information in exam situations.”


Cathy Guetta and Raphael Aflalo have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including David Guetta, Will.I.Am and Justin Bieber. Cathy commented, ”Studytracks brings together two great passions of mine: music and education. Like a lot of people, it has always been easy for me to memorise the lyrics of my favourite songs, and this is why it is helping lots of students too.”


Raphael continued, “It’s important that students enjoy learning – this is why Studytracks has already been so well received by schools and students! I’m excited to take it to the next level now and see how we can make the app even more appealing to today’s students.”


Fay Arjomandi, former CEO of Vodafone Xone, has also joined Studytracks’ strategic board. George said, “Fay has worked closely with start-ups, new businesses and tech for over a decade, and has some very impressive accomplishments under her belt; this gives her ample opportunity to advise us on Studytracks and our path forward. Her involvement is a reinforcement of our willingness to succeed in delivering a global edtech proposition that becomes an integral part of every student’s learning.”

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