Study proves benefit of natural daylight and fresh air circulation

The Impact of Daylight and Fresh Air in Classrooms – Whitesales

Legislation passed in 2014 which covers solar heat gain, natural light and CO2 emissions gives guidance on the levels of daylight that all public spaces must adhere to, as well as air permeability and advice on reducing the need for air-conditioning and additional lighting systems.

A series of recent studies looked at why this legislation is so important when it comes to education and learning environments, and the impact that limited light transmission can have on a child’s learning development and mental health.

We’ve summarised this in our infographic at the bottom of the page which can be clicked to see the full hi-res version.

The key results from these studies showed that classrooms with higher levels of sunlight and fresh air circulation saw:

  • Improved student behaviour and higher levels of concentrations
  • Higher academic achievement and strengthened immune system
  • Lower feelings of anxiety, improved mood and increased levels of serotonin

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