Spanish e-learning startup partners with the world’s open source learning platform to deliver first-class edtech solutions.


3rd November 2016


Moodle continues its mission of providing educators and learners with powerful and flexible learning tools through its partnership with Inserver E-Learning Factory in Spain.


Today, Moodle – the world’s open source learning platform – welcomed Inserver E-Learning Factory (Inserver) as its latest Moodle Partner, making it the fourth certified Partner in Spain.  

Together, both organisations will continue to deliver comprehensive online education solutions, tailored to meet  the learning needs of Moodle users in the Spanish government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. 

Felipe Casajús, CEO of Inserver, commented on his team’s enthusiasm of being a Moodle Partner and dedication to continue providing first-class e-learning experiences in Spain. 

“Inserver has worked exclusively with Moodle’s open source technologies since 2013. To us, being a Moodle Partner certifies the quality of our projects,”  said Felipe.

“It also means reward and recognition for Inserver’s hard work and efforts on each and every e-learning project, proving that being a startup is never a barrier to creating and working on big projects.”

Inserver’s commitment to advancing online learning is evident in its already impressive list of projects. One standout example involves working with the Spanish Ministry of Industry to create a custom Moodle training site for global travel agents to promote Spain’s tourism industry. 

Dr Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, also commented on the importance of this new partnership. 

“It’s terrific to welcome Inserver as a new Moodle Partner Certified Services Provider” said Dr Dougiamas.

“As an organisation, we are especially glad to have a new Moodle Partner in Spain, a country with so many Moodle users and which is so important to our open source project.” 

“Inserver’s enthusiasm and achievements in delivering major e-learning projects with Moodle is inspirational.”

“I look forward to strengthening the partnership between Moodle and Inserver and continuing to deliver quality learning experiences for educators and learners in Spain.” 

The Moodle Partner network continues to grow, with the addition of Inserver totalling 82 certified Moodle partnerships based in 43 countries.