Siemens provides free science experiments and games for families stuck at home

Anyone can be an engineer!

Siemens DIY Science videos were originally launched in the summer of 2017 to bring basic engineering and science to life at the kitchen table. Siemens recognises that from next week, many families will be working from home or self-isolating due to the Coronavirus. These resources were originally created for Key Stage 2 students so they could learn during school holidays, but now children will not be in school because of the virus, these are just as relevant and fun for parents and children alike.

The series of 21 videos, ideally aimed at children aged 7-11 and their parents, offers a range of fun, family-friendly experiments, using materials from around the house. In the current climate with many parents being at home with their children and the imminent school closures we wanted to highlight this great content which is all linked to the national curriculum.

As well as these videos, Siemens has a comprehensive education website which hosts a number of interactive games that encourage children to engage with engineering: from designing a rollercoaster, discovering which energy be used to effectively power a farm, to programming a self-driving car.

Brenda Yearsley, Education Development Manager, Siemens GB&I said ‘Creativity is the catalyst to inspire the next generation of researchers and innovators; so if you are struggling to find something to fill the hours with your loved ones or crawling the walls after day two, click onto our fantastic DIY resources, all from household items found around the home or hold a competition between family members as you Build a Body or create a Mini car in your own living room.

Don’t forget they are all free, fun, educational and mapped to the curriculum. The challenge is on –  Siemens needs you! The next generation of inventors.’