Royole RoWrite Smart Writing Pad now available in the UK

RoWrite combines the traditional pen and paper writing experience with digital capture and share advantages

Royole Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products such as advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors and smart devices, announces the availability on of its RoWrite smart writing pad on Amazon and Selfridges. Based on the company’s unique and patented flexible electronics technologies, RoWrite is designed to accurately capture, store, and share all manner of handwritten material for digital use.
“The RoWrite captures real-time writing on standard paper with traditional pen refills,” commented Dr. Bill Liu, Royole founder and CEO. “Plus, users can immediately send a digital record directly to their phone, smart device, computer, or the cloud, or decide to transfer at a later time.”
With RoWrite, handwritten notes or drawings can be reproduced directly onto any smart device or computer, where it can be digitally saved. Everything can be done in real time; however, the device also works without the need of a smartphone or tablet. Content will be saved directly into RoWrite, where it can be synced later with a smart device, for easy sharing on social media, with colleagues and friends or in the cloud. Thanks to the combination of the pressure sensitive pen with Royole’s own Flexible Sensor in the pad, RoWrite will capture your most subtle stroke. And when choosing the pencil feature in the app, the device even offers 2048 pressure levels. You write or sketch the same way, with the included pen, but it gives you an even higher level of sensitivity.
You also have the option to select a photo or file from your phone and annotate it in the app. So, for example, if you need to send back a signed copy of a document, you firstly need to convert the document or PDF to a JPG and then you can open it in the app, sign it using the tools of the app and you can send it back to the other party, all signed and without need a of a printer.
To edit or enhance digital copies in real-time, pair a device with the companion RoWrite app. Select from different writing instruments, change stroke thickness, or add up 20 colours. You can even digitally erase and capture a video of your creation to share with co-workers, family, and friends. This video follows your exact stroke sequence, so if you would need to share customers’ journeys, maths calculations or graphs, it shows how you got to your end result in a clear way.
The device is also able to convert handwritten notes to text, for quick sharing of meeting notes with colleagues, and it’s compatible with a standard filling for the pen and regular paper for the pad.
RoWrite offers users an improved, more intuitive, tactile experience of pen to paper rather than the less-than-ideal experience of writing directly on a tablet. The winner in two categories at the 11th International Design Awards (IDA), collecting Gold in the Office Equipment – Stationery category and Bronze in Education – Teaching Aids, RoWrite is both a beautifully designed and versatile product. Whether taking notes in a business or education setting, creating real-time designs for clients, or crafting creative artwork, it allows you to easily capture and share these handwritten documents. A few additional applications for RoWrite include:
• Company employees who want to save and share notes with co-workers or supervisors
• Students to easily capture class notes or homework; especially useful for saving/sharing illustrations, drawings, calculations, and formulae
• Architects and designers can quickly sketch out ideas and send directly to clients for real-time feedback
• Commercial and graphic designers can send renderings to clients or supervisors for critiquing and/or approval
• IT or application developers can draw out their customer journeys and show colleagues the road to the end result.
• Engineers can sketch visions, then instantly share with clients or fellow team members
• Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) endeavours that entail writing formulae, diagrams, integrals, chemical compounds, etc. that are difficult to enter into a digital device using a keyboard are more easily done with the human hand
• Virtually anyone who needs/wants to communicate creative concepts that go beyond simple text
Royole Flexible Sensor Technology
Royole’s own flexible sensor technology is based on the company’s development of next-generation AMOLED flexible displays. Its flexible sensors offer many advantages over traditional sensors, including higher performance, shorter production cycle, and lower costs. Royole’s flexible sensor technology can be adapted for innovative flexible-sensor applications as well as conventional touch panels. Due to its stability and reliability, these Royole sensors can be easily integrated with flexible displays. Royole holds numerous patents with respect to materials, processes, and designs centred around flexible electronics applications with its innovative Flexible+ platform. The company provides customers with diverse products and solutions, fast turnaround time, and large-volume production capabilities.
Key feature highlights
1. Smart Writing Pad – Write down your notes, ideas or sketches on the digital notepad and share instantly with colleagues, friends or customers through the app.
2. Conversion from written notes to text files – Recognises your handwriting and converts your written notes to text documents, so you can share quickly with colleagues or friends.
3. Compatible with standard paper and standard pen refill – You don’t need special paper or expensive pen refills.
4. Store your notes and ideas digitally – One button click to share your pages seamlessly with the intuitive app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android 5.0 or higher). The pages can be modified on RoWrite until you decide to close them, even after periods of inactivity.
5. Edit & add colour and style in the app – Use the app to edit, enhance and highlight your notes with colour or retouch your sketches. You can select from different writing instruments, change stroke thickness, erase, and use 20 different colours.
6. Share your pages directly from the app – Share your notes and ideas directly from the app to WhatsApp, email, the cloud or social media.
7. Annotate your photos or files in the app – open documents and easily sign or mark them, using the tools in the app.
8. Export as video – Show your stroke sequence and the way to your conclusion with the cool video feature (MP4).
Pricing and availability
The Royole RoWrite comes with a pen and a premium leather folio for added protection and is available now on and in Selfridges stores with an SRP of £119.
Other Royole IDA winners
Royole products captured five awards at the 11th IDA annual design competition. In addition to RoWrite claiming Gold and Bronze, Royole’s Smart Desk Lamp won Gold in the Illumination – Desk Lamps category, and in the Home Interior Products – Switches, Temperature Control Systems category the Smart Home Light Switch won Gold and Transparent Smart Remote Control, Bronze. Each product incorporates Royole’s patented Flexible Electronics Technologies, and this is the second year in a row that Royole has been recognised by IDA. Last year, its Moon 3D Mobile Theatre was awarded a Gold in the Media and Home Electronics category.
The IDA competition this year received over 3,100 entries, submitted by companies and designers from 95 countries. Entries were submitted in five design categories: architecture, interior, graphic, product, and fashion.
About Royole Corporation
Founded by Stanford engineering graduates in 2012, Royole’s mission is to improve the way people interact with and perceive their world. The company creates and manufactures next-generation human machine interface technologies and products including advanced Flexible Displays, Flexible Sensors, and smart devices. Milestones include the world’s thinnest full-colour AMOLED flexible display and flexible sensors (2014), the world’s first foldable 3D virtual mobile theatre (2015), and the world’s first curved car dashboard based on flexible electronics (2016).

Holding over 1800 patents, it provides IP licenses, services, mass production, and solutions for flexible electronics applications with its novel “Flexible+” platform. Royole, backed by leaders in global finance, has started the production of fully Flexible Displays in volume from its 1.1-million-square-foot quasi-G6 mass production campus in Shenzhen, China with a total investment of $1.7B. Royole has offices in The Netherlands and UK in Europe, in Fremont, CA, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China. For more information, please visit