Robo Wunderkind heading to ISTE 2019

Robo Wunderkind is an award-winning edtech company that provides innovative early education solutions currently in use in over 200 schools worldwide. The company’s mission is to provide easy-to-use and delightful STEM education to an underserved key segment of the market – K-5 education. In the US, Robo Wunderkind launched cooperation with Eduporium, Follet, and is entering US schools to present its pupils with the necessary ABC’s of 21st-century education: robotics and coding.

Robo Wunderkind at ISTE 2019

The Robo Wunderkind team will represent their product at the upcoming #1 global edtech conference, ISTE, in Philadelphia, June 23-26. You can visit stand #1051 to meet the team and get to know the product, or the following workshops where Robo Wunderkind will be featured:

Why is Robo Wunderkind a game changer?

Robo Wunderkind is designed to support the basic developmental needs of K-5-aged children in experiencing the world around them. While most competitive solutions are either too difficult or too simple, Robo Wunderkind comes with the ideal cognitive stimulation and is one of the few viable solutions that can be implemented at the very start of cognitive awareness. The combination of easy-to-use physical hardware, intuitive software a professional curriculum makes Robo Wunderkind the ideal option for K-5 education. Children construct and program a simple robotic tool, while simultaneously being preparing for a job market that will be increasingly STEM-demanding and STEM-oriented.

A versatile educational tool

Due to its versatility, the kit can be used as a tool for teaching disciplines like language, mathematics, art, and more. It grows with children as they age, making the product a wonderful investment in their education. The curriculum, largely based on constructivism, offers 70+ hours of play-centered educational content delivered through story-telling. It refers to experiential, cooperative and play-based learning and encourages children to think about their work and the purpose behind it. The most advanced children can write their own code for Robo through our Python API. Robo Wunderkind offers its educators an onboarding program and ongoing support to make sure they make the best out of their robotic kit.