• Within unemployment rates rising, a new report has analysed 1.5 million job adverts to identify the most in-demand skills that employers within the education sector are actively recruiting for, right now in the UK.
• The top 10 skills, most in-demand in the UK education jobs market includes mental health awareness and welfare.
A new report* published last week (11th November) by the UK’s biggest independent online learning provider, The Skills Network, in partnership with global insights from EMSI UK, has highlighted the top 10 most-sought after skills that UK bosses are actively recruiting for right now, due to changes in the jobs market brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
With an estimated 1.52 million people* unemployed during Summer, and experts anticipating this figure to rise even further once the furlough scheme ends, the report analysed 1.5 million live job adverts to identify the expertise that is most sought-after by UK employers. The report aims to help guide those who may have been made redundant or unemployed, so they can identify the abilities bosses are looking for in their local region.
The top 10 most in-demand skills requested within the education and early years sector in the UK, right now, include:
1. Welfare
2. Autism
3. Child protection
4. Learning support
5. Classroom management
6. National curriculum
7. Mental health
8. Numeracy
9. Science education
10. Auditing
To help those candidates looking for a new position in their local area, The Skills Network has also purposely developed an online app, which provides a personalised and bespoke list of the top 15 most sought-after skills and roles available in their local area. It is hoped this application will help people find the most appropriate position for them no matter which sector they worked in previously.
Mark Dawe, CEO at The Skills Network, comments: “Being able to identify and address mental health is a growing requirement for staff in the education and early learning sector. Both teachers and support staff play a significant role in tackling mental health issues within the classroom, and mental health training can equip today’s candidates with the right tools to help children experiencing personal problems.
“At The Skills Network, we offer distance learning, as a way of learning remotely and achieving new qualifications without attending lessons or lectures in a classroom. We’d urge anyone currently looking for their next role to consider online learning as a way to bolster their CV – and to tap-into the knowledge of the skills that employers are recruiting for.”
Andy Durman, Managing Director of EMSI UK, said: “The huge disruption to the economy this year has revealed a number of new labour market challenges, as well as exacerbating some existing ones, such as the already widening skills gap and the challenge brought about by increased automation.
“In order to really get to grips with these challenges, we need to better understand exactly what skills employers are demanding, and how this is changing over the period of economic upheaval and beyond.”
To access the full report, or to review the online courses available – please visit: