Research reveals concussion is a growing concern for education sector

Research¹ by specialist insurer, Ecclesiastical, has revealed that more than a third of educational establishments are concerned about the risks associated with students playing contact sports.

When asked how worried they were about a series of emerging risks, 34% of the schools, universities and other education establishments polled by the specialist insurer said they were concerned about the risks involved with playing sports such as rugby.

Angus Roy, education director at Ecclesiastical, said: “There have been a number of high profile concussion cases in the media in recent years, with calls in some quarters for schools to only allow pupils to play non-contact versions of sports such as rugby. So it’s not surprising that this is an area of concern for schools.

“As a specialist education insurer, we provide schools and our other education customers with advice and guidance on the best ways to manage concussion risks. Although rugby in schools has been the topic hitting the headlines, it’s important for schools to consider this risk more broadly.

“After all, concussion can result from a wide range of sports, including boxing and hockey, but also in other school activities, particularly where there is a risk of young people falling from height or onto hard surfaces.”

Ecclesiastical has an information sheet on managing the concussion risks associated with playing contact sport in schools. You can see it here.