Prowise MOVE encourages healthy and interactive education

World first at Bett 2019

BIRMINGHAM – With Prowise MOVE, Prowise reveals groundbreaking innovation for interactive and healthier education. The Prowise Touchscreen and the Intel® RealSense™ Technology enable proactive learning that also engages students physically in a playful way. The digital tools specially developed for this purpose can be operated without physically touching the screen.

The Prowise MOVE camera can be easily installed on every Prowise Touchscreen and will be revealed to the public at the education technology show Bett (London). The Prowise Move Camera, enabled by Intel® RealSense™, will register physical movement in front of the Touchscreen. This way, the screen can follow the person standing in front of it and respond to gestures. The Prowise Touchscreen can therefore be operated without the need for physical contact.

The Prowise MOVE camera (worth £ 350 excluding VAT) will be delivered completely free with the Prowise Touchscreen from the second quarter of 2019 onwards.

MOVE tools
Prowise has independently developed educational digital tools for MOVE. These have been integrated in Prowise Presenter 10: free education software that 450,000 users are currently enjoying to create lessons or presentations. The games have been created specially for educational purposes and target serious gaming. They are completely different from conventional educational games. Students are challenged and encouraged to participate proactively and physically while standing in front of the Touchscreen. They are no longer passively sitting on a chair, but rather stand in front of the screen while being triggered to move their bodies. This way, learning becomes fun, healthy and challenging.

Learning and moving
Prowise MOVE offers schools the unique opportunity to allow learning and physical activity to complement each other. Students are working actively while learning through play. “We are convinced that Prowise MOVE is the missing link in our total solution for education. It is the optimal way to benefit from all the possibilities the Prowise Touchscreen and the software Prowise Presenter have to offer. We are therefore incredibly proud to supply every Prowise Touchscreen with a free Prowise MOVE camera. MOVE offers teachers the opportunity to provide fun, educational and healthy teaching material”, says Prowise Director Erik Neeskens.

Intel® RealSense™
“Intel® RealSense™ technology has been used to develop products that enrich people’s lives with equipment and machines that capture the world in 3D. We are excited about the fact that Prowise has developed its MOVE product such that it supports RealSense™ technology in order to improve interactive education”, says Sagi BenMoshe, Vice President and General Manager of the Intel RealSense Group.

Video conferencing
The Prowise MOVE camera can also be deployed as normal webcam in combination with the Skype app installed on the Touchscreen on default. Other video apps will become available in the future. The four wide area microphones integrated in the Prowise Touchscreen recognise voices up to eight metres from the screen and provide a unique audio experience thanks to the 2.1 Dolby Certified soundbar. This makes the Prowise Touchscreen the complete conference solution for schools, businesses and conference venues.

Entirely safe
The mechanical privacy filter designed to cover the MOVE camera guarantees that teachers and students are protected from outside threats. With its recently acquired ISO 27001 certificate, Prowise proves its ability to responsibly and safely handle data and related processes. Prowise is already in possession of the Privacy Verified certificate, and thereby complies with the strictest international privacy regulations.