PPL and PRS for Music announce joint music licence for nurseries

  • UK music licensing bodies PPL and PRS for Music are committed to providing simple and efficient music licensing for nurseries


As part of their commitment to simplify music licensing for customers, music licensing organisations PPL and PRS for Music have announced a new joint licence for nurseries, playgroups, pre-schools and crèches – creating an easy one-stop shop for nurseries across the UK.

The use of music in nurseries can contribute to a fun, interesting environment for children and staff. To date, PRS for Music and PPL have licensed the nurseries sector separately, which required customers to obtain two licences in order to play recorded music. The joint licence, which will be administered by PPL, will allow customers to obtain both a PPL and PRS for Music licence via a single contact point in a single transaction.

The joint Nurseries licence is now available for a fee of £80 per annum. The licence will enable nurseries to benefit from a broad range of uses of music including dance and movement classes, fetes and fairs, child minding services, television and cartoon showings and general background music.

Paul Clements, Commercial Director, PRS for Music, said:  “Music plays a vital part in a child’s early-learning, providing a valuable channel for children to express themselves. PRS for Music and PPL want to ensure the licence to play music is accessible and simply attained so that all premises have the opportunity to incorporate music into their daily offering.”

Christine Geissmar, Operations Director, PPL, said: “Creating a single point of contact for our UK public performance nurseries customers allows us to significantly simplify music licensing for these UK businesses. It is in our members’ and customers’ interests to ensure that our licensing is ever more accessible and efficient.”