Periods don’t stop for pandemics: order and distribute your free period products now!

As we face these incredibly uncertain and challenging times, one thing is certain: periods will continue. 

Our organisations, the Red Box Project and Free Periods, have always fought to ensure that every young person has access to the period products that they need when they’re at school. But now it looks like schools will be closed, perhaps for some time. 

We need schools to take urgent action to ensure that their students continue to have access to essential period supplies. 

Since January 2020, all state-maintained schools and colleges in England (including primary schools!) have been able to order free period products for their students under a new Government-funded scheme. Guidance on the scheme and how to place orders is available from the Department for Education here. If you have any problems placing your order, you can call phs (who are running the scheme) on 01827 255500.

We urge every eligible institution to order their free period products as soon as possible and to take action to distribute those products to their students – before schools close.