Open Conversations

On June 27th 2019, Local Media Initiatives, a Community Interest Company based in Milton Keynes will host a conference focused on Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriages and Honour Killings. The conference called ‘Open Conversations’ is the first in a series of annual conferences which would focus on issues generally regarded as ‘taboo subjects’ and aim to bring these out into open discussions enabling ‘Open Conversations’ leading to empowerment, action and change.
The Conference will feature survivors, campaigners and experts working across the three topics. Orgnaisations involved in working in the three featured arenas will be exhibiting at the conference which will take place at Milton Keynes Christian Centre in Oldbrook from 10am to 5pm.
The aim of the conference is to:
1. Provide updates of what is going on currently across legal, social, cultural and religious arenas with regards to FGM, forced marriages and honour killings
2. Empower the target audience to be more pro-active and less fearful of dealing with complicated issues.
3. Encourage ‘Open conversations’ about issues and topics which are considered taboo in order to become a catalyst for speaking about them openly and thus reducing the number of young girls and women affected negatively by these practices.

Details of all speakers are online at
The event has received funding from Milton Keynes Community Foundation and the National Lottery’s Community Fund.