Online learning using AI offers innovative solution to coronavirus school closures

As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK rises, around 15 schools have already been shut down to prevent spreading the virus any further. While the government continues to assess whether widespread school closures are necessary to limit the outbreak, schools are looking to how they can adapt to provide long distance learning to allow pupils to continue their education outside the classroom. UK-based startup Atom Learning are one of the companies providing solutions for schools through the use of AI technology, and are currently supporting dozens of schools unable to open in the UAE and across Asia. With one UK prep school already using the system to provide long-distance learning while closed, the award-winning education tech company is gearing up to support three hundred schools that are existing users in the face of mass closures. Launched one year ago, the Key Stage 2 online learning platform allows teachers to run realtime adaptive lessons and set homework, making it an effective solution to ensure that students are able to continue with their studies in the event of school closures. Free of charge to schools, the platform is already used by almost 50% of UK prep schools and several multi-academy trusts who have embraced technology as a way of providing customised learning resources within and beyond the classroom. Schools with limited tech capabilities may struggle to provide adequate long-distance learning support, meaning children run the risk of falling behind if they are unable to access educational resources in person. Other schools which have already established the use of online learning systems are in a better position to manage potential issues such as coronavirus with greater flexibility and less disruption to learning. Atom Learning has braced for a potential rapid growth in signups as the demand for education tech solutions becomes imminent, with the capability to onboard tens of schools onto the platform per day. At any rate, the challenges posed by potential school closures will provide insight into whether online platforms can provide an effective substitute for in-classroom teaching, and assess the role of education technology as a useful tool in paving the way for more long-distance learning. Jake O’Keeffe, Co-founder of Atom Learning, said: “Atom Learning’s free-of-charge school platform has already been supporting a number of schools to ensure that students’ education is not adversely impacted. We hope this is an PRESS RELEASE opportunity to show how innovation within the education sector can deliver creative solutions to help maintain high standards of learning during this potentially disruptive time.”