Oaka Books launches digital resources for visual learners at TES SEN Show

  • The Oaka Digital KS3 resources are designed for students with special educational needs (SEN), including dyslexic and visual learners.
  • The digital packs contain kinaesthetic and visual activities, quizzes, imagery and animations to help improve engagement and attainment.
  • At the Oaka stand (19), teachers can purchase the entire Oaka Digital range of 42 topic packs at a discounted introductory price of £49 for the first year (this is a Special Show Offer and normal price is £149.00).


Oaka Books, a UK publisher specialising in SEN resources, today announced it will be launching its new digital resource packs for dyslexic students and visual learners at the TES SEN show on 7 and 8 October in London.


This digital resource library will make Oaka topic packs accessible to up to 300 pupils per school at a cost of around 1p per pack per pupil for the year.


Oaka Digital includes a range of visual learning resources and revision aids covering a number of subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, geography and history. The packs contain 3D images, animations, quizzes and activities to help KS3 students with special educational needs and ESL (English as a second language), as well as visual learners.


The packs will be available for teachers to purchase at the TES SEN show, at stand 19 at a discounted introductory rate. The offer for teachers signing up for the resources at the show will be £49 for the year (as opposed to £149 thereafter). These digital packs can then be used alongside the existing Oaka Books paper-based materials or as standalone curriculum-based aids.


Bambi Gardiner, founder of Oaka Books, said: “It’s important for us as parents and teachers to recognise the different learning styles of every child, especially those students who may struggle with reading, or prefer to work in a more hands-on learning environment. Launching our digital resources means we are able to support more students with SEN, including dyslexic and visual learners, ensuring they have effective materials that are best suited to their specific learning needs, so they can achieve their full potential.”


For more information about these resources, visit: www.oakabooks.co.uk, and to view the sample digital science pack, visit: digital.oakabooks.co.uk