New resource to support food science teachers across the country


Teachers across the UK involved in teaching the food science and technology curriculum at secondary school level can take advantage of a new resource that aims to enhance their subject and bring it to life using real-world examples.


Re-launched in June 2017 by the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) in collaboration with teachers, Love Food Love Science shows how the scientific method works in practice using food and food related examples. Through the website teachers can access a range of resources designed for them by hands-on food scientists, which include simple explanations of key food science concepts, experiments and practicals, and a directory of other credible materials.


In addition, Love Food Love Science website offers teachers the opportunity to seek guidance from IFST mentors who want to inspire both the teaching staff and students about food science and technology and show how the tasks that are set at GCSE match real life circumstances and open up career prospects in this economically significant and vibrant sector.


IFST is committed to delivering exciting food science in the classroom within the new GCSE syllabus and using food examples in the science curricula.


The food and drink sector employs around 3.5m people and adds £21.5bn to the UK economy; by 2020 the sector will need over 170,000 new recruits.*


Professor Carol Phillips, IFST Education and Careers Committee Chair, said, ‘IFST can play a unique role in upholding the quality of food science teaching and encouraging the next generation to think about the exciting and rewarding food science careers which are on offer in our economically significant and vibrant sector.’


Professor Phillips added, ‘Creating classroom resources and providing food science mentors who are actively involved in the food industry helps to nurture the next generation of food sector professionals, which falls squarely into our role of safeguarding the public by promoting a strong food science and technology profession for years to come.’


For more information about Love Food Love Science and to access the resources, please visit