New online platform set to revolutionise EdTech solutions for schools

A new online platform is launching to help primary and secondary teachers discover, evaluate and choose the right type of EdTech solutions for their schools.
Available for free from October, Edtech Impact has been created by Innovate My School and YPO, with the mission to enable teachers to measure the effectiveness of technology for themselves. With the multitude of education technology products currently on the market, the platform guides teachers and school leaders through a rapid evaluation process that measures the impact of EdTech products in their specific school context, before they commit to buying the product.
The unique evaluation framework has also been built with the team behind UCL’s EDUCATE programme, which supports EdTech providers in measuring the efficacy of their product.
In August, the Department for Education challenged the tech industry to launch an education revolution for schools, colleges and universities. Only a minority of schools are currently optimising opportunities to utilise state-of-the-art technology to bring education to life and also reduce the time teachers spend on administrative tasks. Edtech Impact has been developed in direct response to this, in a bid to transform the world of education technology and how impact is measured.
Dominic Norrish, Director of Technology, United Learning Trust said:
“With so many products on the market, schools are spoilt for choice in EdTech, but don’t have access to reliable information about what would most likely work in their classroom context. Edtech Impact is a tool which aggregates robust evidence from schools across the country, which could ultimately save the sector money and deliver replicable impact.”
Michael Forshaw, Founder and CEO of Edtech Impact and Innovate My School said:
“We believe Edtech Impact will revolutionise how schools purchase and use education technology. Through the platform’s unique evaluation tool, Edtech Impact will save teachers time and, importantly, money spent on products without any evidence of whether they would benefit their classroom and improve outcomes.
“We know that traditional routes to market for selling EdTech software are becoming increasingly saturated and schools need a transparent view of the EdTech marketplace before committing to

purchasing. Edtech Impact provides a solution by evidencing how tech works in different classroom contexts so that teachers make the right choices about EdTech invesments for their schools.”
Through Edtech Impact, teachers can discover new EdTech products, evaluate their impact, then analyse the results using the ‘business case’ report. Once teachers are satisfied with the results, they can then go on to purchase the product at a discounted rate through the site.
Register at for early access to the platform and evaluate EdTech products to help make informed decisions for your school.