High quality gymnastics from British Gymnastics trained coaches is being brought to primary schools the length and breadth of the country thanks to a partnership between Premier Education and British Gymnastics.

Never before has the demand for gymnastics been so great. The sport is going from strength to strength with more and more young people inspired to try their very first roll and leap. To meet this ever-growing demand, a partnership between Premier and British Gymnastics has been formed to offer every primary school child the opportunity to enjoy high quality gymnastics coaching in their own school hall.

Dave Marshall, participation director of British Gymnastics, says: “The popularity of gymnastics in the UK continues to grow and demand to take part in gymnastics currently outweighs supply. We are delighted to have Premier come on board as a partner. Our values align well and we support their vision that participation in sport and activity leads to greater confidence and improved personal development. We know this partnership will have a positive impact benefitting young people and help to bridge the gap between demand and supply.”

Premier has been delivering schools, children and parents innovative sporting programmes and initiatives for 20 years and this partnership makes it the only nationwide delivery partner of British Gymnastics in primary schools across the UK.

David Batch, CEO of Premier, says: “We understand and appreciate that even with the best will in the world the expertise and resource for teaching gymnastics might not be available in your school, which is where we step in. Last academic year Premier taught gymnastics to 22,000 children in the UK providing a wonderful opportunity to those children who may otherwise be on waiting lists. This partnership aims to raise that figure to 43,000 by 2021.”

Premier will bring British Gymnastics standard delivery to your school hall via an extensive network of fully insured, DBS checked British Gymnastics certified coaches, all with Child Protection and Emergency First Aid certification. Plus, the partnership plans for an additional 250 gymnastics deliverers to be trained each year to ensure the continued success in the delivery of the programme.

There are options for classes before, during and after school hours and sessions can even be held in school holidays, plus courses can be tailored to any level of in-school equipment.

Dave continues: “It’s easy to understand why there’s so much interest in gymnastics. Gymnastics is a ‘foundation sport’ because it’s all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills such as agility, balance and coordination that they need to lead a physically active and healthy life. Its positive impact physically and psychologically is life-long, as a result of participating in such an accessible, fun and engaging sport.”

Making sure your school benefits from this partnership couldn’t be easier. There’s a free taster session to take advantage of. All you need to do is register your school’s interest by visiting