The MOD installs My Concern® to protect students in 21 international schools

  • The MOD invests in MyConcern to manage all safeguarding concerns in 21 international schools


One Team Logic, specialists in Safeguarding in Education, today announced an agreement with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to supply 21 of its schools across the world with its safeguarding software, MyConcern®.


The safe and secure solution, developed to record and manage all safeguarding concerns in any educational setting, will be installed in schools spanning from Falklands to Germany. It will provide ‘the big picture’ – a holistic view of all safeguarding concerns affecting an individual, group, whole school or all 21 schools.


While the application’s functionality was high on the selection criteria list, ease of use was also one of the main components.


The web-based software was chosen because it is easy to implement without onsite technical installations and upgrades are carried out automatically on a regular basis. The software was also purchased through education sector procurement framework, Think IT, which meant costs were low and the need for multiple tenders was avoided. The training will be carried out online, saving the need to travel to each school.


Former chief constable Martin Baker, managing director of My Concern’s creators One Team Logic, said: “MyConcern closely reflects the reality of managing and safeguarding in today’s schools, where the ‘real world’ and ‘digital world’ risks to children and young people need to be managed holistically.  Using MyConcern, staff in leadership and supervisory roles can utilise their safeguarding data to analyse emerging trends and provide early help to children and families”.


Neil Watkins, managing director of Think IT, added: “There is no issue of greater importance to schools or parents than the safety of their children, and safeguarding remains high on Ofsted’s agenda. This month, the DfE released its ‘Keeping children safe in education’ statutory guidance for schools and colleges. The advice it offers and processes it recommends are matched by My Concern, making it the ideal system for schools to remain compliant and protect their students. Because our government-approved procurement framework was used, the systems could be purchased cost-effectively and installed quickly and efficiently, without needless time-consuming tenders.”