Huge new positive changes for The Educator Magazine -AND THE ENVIRONMENT!

As you know, we have been around for quite some time now, and we have always been a printed and digital magazine and an absolute must have for Heads, Deputies and Senior Leaders of all UK Schools and Academies.

Well it is with great excitement that I bring some historic news to you…..

The Educator Magazine will now be going fully Digital, and increasing it’s already massive reach even further, to now also include over 70,000 Education Professionals that will receive each issue, almost doubling our original distribution rate.

Why have we decided to do this?

There are a number of really strong reasons for enhancing our presence in the Education industry:

1. ENVIRONMENT – As a modern, progressive, and environmentally friendly company whom have the environment close to our hearts, it was a clear no brainer that our carbon footprint was larger than it potentially could be. That had to change. Using digital only technology allows us to save energy, save trees, and essential resources required to carry out such a large printing operation each year. We believe that to pave the way for others to change their protocols to a more environmentally friendly system, then as the most trusted name, WE MUST ACT FIRST.

2. THE WORLD IS TURNING DIGITAL! – Every piece of professional research we have carried out over the last 24 months is pointing to a DIGITAL WORLD. The most popular way to read magazines is without any shadow of doubt – DIGITALLY. Whether online PC, tablet, mobile, or other device, the world is changing. The way we read and take in information has (whether we like it or not) changed. We, as the most trusted magazine in our industry MUST lead the way into the future. That’s what we intend to do.

3. COST EFFECTIVE LEADING TO BETTER EXPERIENCES FOR READER – To print an enormous amount of 72 page A4 full colour glossy magazines 3 times per year not only has it’s clear down sides to the environment, but it has an impact on our business purse strings. We believe the money we will save by going fully digital, will be better spent on increasing reader interactivity through some of the worlds best technology in e-reading services and functionality. For instance, reading an article which links to, or opens a video for extra viewing of content or similar. Or perhaps, you might want to send the article to your inbox or social media profiles? Its all here for you, as well as many many more stunning technologies and ever growing functions that digital gives the reader/user. we are also increasing our reach to almost double the amount of Educational professionals whom will now receive the magazine directly into their own mail box meaning


As well as increasing the amount of Educational professionals receiving the magazine by DOUBLE, we will also be passing that saving onto some of the most important people, THE ADVERTISERS. Our new savings have been implementwed and given to our director of Sales, whom has today already destroyed our previous rate card by around 60% which is just unprecedented in this day and age! We are also guaranteeing no price increase for 3 years, meaning advertisers now have almost double the audience they previously had for 60% less!

Publication Director, Toby Johnson beamed – “We believe that to be positively impactful on the environment, and to move with the times digitally and technologically, we will have set the bar extremely high for competitors to follow, and this is absolutely key. Having a positive impact on our environment whilst improving reader enjoyment and interactivity is essential. With this in mind, the synergy and relationship between us, and our advertisers and sponsors is already being met with some of the best feedback we have ever received, but we kind of expected that with a 60% saving for them all, to over double the amount of consumers reading The Educator Magazine!

For all inquiries regarding the new changes, please feel free to email director@the-educator.org

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