• Gifting 500,000 annual memberships to teachers
  • 75% of teachers describing themselves as ‘stressed’

The serious risk of post-Covid stress has been raised by the World Economic Forum citing the possibility of a secondary epidemic of burnouts and stress-related absenteeism in the latter half of 2020*. Overwhelmed teachers now find themselves on the frontline as the pressure is on to get back to school and open up the economy.

With as many as 75% of UK teachers having described themselves as ‘stressed’ prior to the C-19 Lockdown**, personal development platform, is addressing the serious risk to teacher mental wellbeing which directly impacts families, businesses and the recovery of our Nation, by gifting over 500,000 annual memberships to teachers to provide support as the UK turns towards post-Covid recovery.

With Lockdown highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing across the country, Life Ladder saw how its service could help raise resilience and wellbeing and how teachers will be at the forefront of enabling the nation’s recovery.

“As a business, we feel it’s important to do more,” commented Life Ladder’s founder, Natalie Rea. “Mental resilience is priceless at any time.  No more so than now, as we look to move positively out of Lockdown.  Where teachers were already dealing with fatigue and overwhelm, C-19 and the uncertainty about what happens next to get our young people’s education back on track and supporting students and their families with what they’ve been through; pressures have without question, increased.  We would like to do something for them.”

Having made a difference to the lives of many, Life Ladder, is offering primary and secondary school teachers throughout the UK free access to its personal development service with free 12-month memberships (usually £350).

“Community and contribution are two of our key values. There’s never been a time more in need of everyone pitching in,” added Ms Rea. “We’re a newly launched company and some may say our energy should be directed towards profit, but we feel so strongly about stepping up to play our part to support teachers right now, that we’re prepared to offer this to them for free.”

A recent interview with the Prince of Wales as Patron for the charity TeachFirst, highlighted the importance of supporting teachers at this time:

“Transforming the futures of so many young people could hardly be more important since teachers will surely be a part of the nation’s recovery,” said His Royal Highness.

“We’re determined to step up for the teachers who are core to communities. As we move out of lockdown, unsurprisingly people are experiencing anxiety and overwhelm, but there are ways to manage this and take control of unwanted thoughts and feelings. It is more important than ever that people feel equipped with mental resilience and learn how to take charge of our mental wellbeing. We all know that one trip to the gym doesn’t give us healthy bodies. It’s the same with the mind, we’re here to enable people to gain the benefits of making a healthy mind, a habit”

Life Ladder, operates like a gym membership, giving individuals access to expert coaching, making personal development easy to achieve, accessible and affordable for anyone online. 

Ms Rea continues: “A lot of people find it hard to prioritise their self-development without the support and structure that coaching provides. It’s easy to slip into old habits and behaviours that hold them back. Life Ladder provides a community of support and development for just £1.15 a day (around half the price of a coffee).  Self-development then becomes part of someone’s lifestyle, a habit that enables them not only to care for their mental wellbeing but to develop, be happy and achieve more. Minimal cost, colossal impact”

The flexibility of developing with Life Ladder will be reassuring for Teachers who simply don’t have time to prioritise their own needs during a working day. Teachers will be able to work flexibly on their self-care, any time of the day or night, on any device.

Life Ladder Corporate Membership provides digital access for employees, so employees can achieve personal and professional development, designed around their needs. 

“Our experience has shown that when employees develop themselves it has significant knock-on effects in communication, productivity and success for a business,” added Ms Rea.

As we continue to face uncertainty with furloughed employees trying to find their way back to the new norms of working life, job cuts and working from home, flexible personal development solutions like Life Ladder come at the right time.