LGfL schools supercharge bandwidth for free and save money

LGfL rolls out cutting-edge digital connectivity to give member schools access to cloud computing, 4K streaming and virtual reality

Pledge 2020 – Supercharge your LGfL broadband for free.

EdTech charity LGfL is supercharging connectivity across its 3000-strong consortium of UK member schools placing them at the forefront of digital education worldwide and enabling them to use cloud computing, 4K streaming and virtual reality in the classroom. The project entitled Pledge 2020 will see all members receive on average a significant 200% increase in bandwidth at no extra cost to their subscription. The minimum connection speed for a primary school will be 100 MBPS and for secondary schools 500 MBPS. Please click here to view a video providing more information

“This we believe will create one of the world’s fastest educational networks and place LGfL schools at the forefront of digital leadership globally”, said LGfL’s CEO, John Jackson – an edtech strategist dedicated to building a better future for children and improving educational outcomes by accelerating innovation and edtech disruption on a global scale.

“As part of the upgrade we’re taking the opportunity to replace old equipment with the latest technology which also means that LGfL can upgrade any primary or secondary schools without having to change the firewall or the router.

“As a result, schools wanting more bandwidth can avoid expensive and disruptive kit replacements. All schools will be upgraded over the course of 2019 and 2020.”

Free secure storage for disaster recovery will also be given to all schools. Called GridStore, schools can back up their data to a secure location where it is encrypted and kept safe. In the event of a disaster, schools can pull down a copy of their data, load it back onto the system and resume use almost immediately. Every secondary school will be given 100 GB of free storage and every primary / special school 50 GB of storage.

Dedicated to using its group purchasing power to save its members thousands of pounds, LGfL estimates that a primary school making use of all the products covered by their LGfL subscription – Let’s Get Digital – can save (or achieve additional value) of approximately £7,000 per year  and a secondary school £17,000 per year.

LGfL’s Pledge 2020 offering also includes a bundle of award-winning products from world leading companies to keep children safe, data secure and support creativity in the classroom.

Thanks to the negotiation of a groundbreaking deal, members can also make savings on CPD and licences for Adobe Creative Cloud – the industry-leading creative and digital tools used for graphic design, video editing, web development and photography, which come with a set of mobile applications and optional cloud services. “Last year the creative industries contributed over £100b to the UK economy – by providing significant software like Adobe’s Creative Cloud we can help to equip the next generation of school children with skills to thrive in the future workplace”, said John Jackson.

Every LGfL school can claim an allocation of Adobe licences at adobe.lgfl.net – 30 free licences are available for primary schools and 120 for secondary – software that would cost thousands if purchased independently.

Schools interested in actively boosting their funding can access LGfL’s Pupil Free School Meals Eligibility Checker – fsm@lgfl.net – and use it to identify children that are eligible for free school meals and therefore qualify for Pupil Premium funding. So far this year, member schools have claimed in excess of £10M.

Schools keen to evaluate their spend are invited to visit savings.lgfl.net  to determine how much more they can save on licences.

For further information visit pledge2020.lgfl.net, call 0208 408 4455 or email enquiries@lgfl.net