28th September 2016: Primary schools across the UK will transform into a mass dance troop today in celebration of World School Milk Day.

As part of an initiative promoted by The Dairy Council, pupils and teachers will get moving and shaking to celebrate the white stuff and will learn about the role that milk plays in keeping children healthy.

Teachers are encouraged to tweet a video of their dance troop to The Dairy Council for the chance to win some milky prizes.

Schools are also invited to get involved in the celebrations by designing a backdrop for the video or a display for the classroom wall. Other activities include downloading a presentation from The Dairy Council’s website about the benefits of milk; holding a pop quiz or competition in class; or making milkshakes.

Primary-aged children require lots of nutrients and energy from food and drink to ensure adequate growth and development, and a simple carton of semi-skimmed milk can provide 42-52% of 4-10 year olds recommended daily intake for calcium and 24-35% of their recommended protein intake.

Another important but less known nutrient, iodine, is also found in significant amounts in milk. It is an important nutrient that contributes to growth and brain development in children, and a glass of milk provides about 52-57% of their recommended intake.

Erica Hocking, Senior Nutrition Scientist at The Dairy Council, said: “At primary school age, it is essential that children have a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of physical activity to help them maintain a healthy weight as they get older.


“Research shows that milk consumption may have a beneficial effect on growth and body weight in children. Schools have a key role to play in encouraging children to replace sugary drinks with milk or water.


“This year, we are asking schools to get moving and shaking in celebration of all things milk. Just tweet us footage of your class strutting their stuff for World School Milk Day and you will be in with the chance of winning some milk shakers for the entire dance troop. We have even created a dance tutorial video which is available on our website and YouTube channel to inspire pupils and teachers to get moving – check it out. We can’t wait to see all of the videos.


“We would like to thank all of the schools across the UK who are supporting our initiative – milk is an easy, tasty and affordable way to help children to get their recommended daily allowance of calcium, protein and iodine and we hope pupils have enjoyed learning about milk today.”