LEGO Education’s WeDo 2.0 receives prestigious Worlddidac Award

LEGO Education has today announced that WeDo 2.0, the hands-on science and computing resource for Key Stages 1 and 2, has received an internationally prestigious Worlddidac Award.

Now in their 17th year, the Worlddidac Awards aim to motivate education companies to develop high-quality and innovative resources that support and improve the provision of learning and teaching.

Entries from 47 countries were judged, based on their performance and price, learning content, motivational aspects and suitability for the classroom. Each entry is evaluated by a panel of teachers from a classroom perspective. It is then examined by the panel of judges, consisting of eight internationally renowned educational experts and led by Professor Peter Gloor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The winning entry, WeDo 2.0, allows pupils to examine real-life situations and design solutions using the classic LEGO brick in curriculum-aligned activities. These creations can then be programmed using desktops, tablets and Chromebooks to perform certain functions. Topics covered using the resource include: speed, friction and mass; wildlife and habitats; space exploration; environmental issues and much more.

Managing Director of LEGO Education Europe, Dr René Lydiksen, said: “It’s a real honour for us to have received such an internationally-acclaimed award. We designed WeDo 2.0 to help pupils develop a deeper understanding of science and computing in an engaging, hands-on way that lets them explore situations in context. We hope that WeDo 2.0 will inspire pupils around the world to unlock their potential and become the change-makers and problem-solvers of the future.”