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Keep moving for the “New KIDneys On The Block!”

REAL ORGANS IN BOXES ARE COMING…. Real organs posted first class for ‘at home educational dissection experience’.

Forget X factor, the creators of the internationally renowned and critically acclaimed touring show Anatomy Lab Live and stars of BBC Dragons’ Den have launched a programme we can’t wait for you to get your fingertips on.
Introducing the calling card that will leave you with the chills. Yes, ‘Anatomy Dissection’ brings trophy-taking remains to the next level, packing and posting organs in sophisticated anatomy containers called a ‘BIOX’. Each one is shipped to your home under the supervision of our bio-technicians. Step into the shoes of an anatomist as you dissect your way through any specimen of your choice from your very own humble abode. Don’t worry, we won’t let you go it alone – using the online licence key follow our trained anatomists to help you get the best out of your hair-raising souvenir. Scrap off Saturday nights out for this adrenaline pinching do it yourself experience – from complete novice to pro, we’ve got you covered.
Each BIOX comes complete with a specimen of your choosing, gloves, hat, apron and mask so you don’t get messy. All you will need are a few items from the kitchen to get started. Don’t be alarmed however, the BIOX’s are completely safe and all safety instructions on how to store and dispose the goods are inside the BIOX.
Our goal is to get you hyped about the human body that leaves the text books on the shelf and brings the learning experience to life. We consistently strive to deliver a first-class educational experience.
Finally, be assured, no body- snatching has taken place in the acquisition of these specimens. Equally, we take animal welfare seriously and only use products that serve in the food industry.
Which specimen will you choose? Head over to – purchase and then wait for the spine tingling sensation as the next time the doorbell rings it could be for you…