KLIK Just Made it a Whole Lot Easier to Bring Wireless Screen Sharing to the Classroom

KLIK Manager application dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of deployment, making affordable wireless screen sharing a reality for any school.

The KLIK Boks wireless presentation system allows students and faculty to easily share content from their PC or mobile device to a display screen or projector, fostering better collaboration and eliminating downtime between presenters. With the release of KLIK Manager software, the integration and maintenance of KLIK is now easier, and more affordable than ever. KLIK Manager is offered to all KLIK Boks PRO owners, free of charge and is available now from the company’s website.

“KLIK Manager software enables system administrators to configure, deploy, and maintain any number of KLIK wireless screen sharing devices from a central location, reducing costs and enhancing support”, states company founder and CEO Costa Lakoumentas. “What was once expensive and complicated technology, is now affordable and accessible to any school or district.”

Key Features of KLIK Manager:
• Fast, intuitive setup of KLIK Boks PRO systems across a network
• Customize the Standby screen, with included selection of wallpapers
• Easily make your own wallpaper, with built-in cropping & sizing tool
• Keep units up to date with automated firmware checks and updates
• View remote screen sharing sessions in real time, right from KLIK Manager
• Ability to push changes to any number of KLIK devices simultaneously
KLIK Manager is available in versions for Windows and Mac OSX, as well as both Debian and RedHat distributions for Linux. For more details and download links go to https://www.klikboks.com/klik-manager.

About KLIK
KLIK Communications is a Seattle-area company dedicated to improving the way people collaborate, by building tools that serve users. The company produces the KLIK Boks family of wireless presentation systems and offers an array of software tools, all aimed at helping users share what’s on their device with others; whether they’re in the same room or on the other side of the planet.
For more information about KLIK Manager, KLIK Boks or KLIK Communications, please Rich Longstreth, +1 (253) 209-3398 or rich@klikboks.com