Introducing Eastern stories to the ‘Disney’ generation Through cultural learning – bought to you by Snowflake Books


Snowflake Books ( Celebrate this Chinese New Year (February 8th 2016)and captivate your imagination with beautifully illustrated stories.  A collection of fairy-tales and legends, stories of Chinese festivals, wisdoms and traditions published in hardback, written in both Mandarin and English.

Established in 2010, this UK based company has been selling books worldwide to children of all ages and are dedicated to help school children everywhere discover the human values shared between East and West.

The books are not just key learning tools for those learning Mandarin, but also act as a gateway to everyone that wants to discover Chinese culture through detailed illustrations. Features include CD’s at the back of the books and word lists to help make learning easy for children aged 5 years to 15.


Each book takes you on a journey to old China, with captivating colour illustrations on every page that converse wisdom, humanity and valuable lessons for children. All books produced in the range are of a high paper and colour quality with the majority in hard-back covers, designed to be passed down from child to child.

Stories include, Naughty Monkey; (To mark 2016’s Year of The Monkey) In Chinese folk-lore the Jade Emperor was the ruler of heaven, Naughty Monkey was called Red Bottom Horse Monkey, as he had a very big red bottom. In the old Chinese language, horse can mean big. Naughty Monkey’s story was first recorded in a very ancient manuscript as early as the 4th century BC.  He is believed to be the origin of the famous Monkey King in Journey to the West. RRP £12.99.  Silly Billy, The Wise Goat; a story about a unicorn-goat, in very ancient Chinese legend, a unicorn goat is the wisest of all. Regarded as one of the magic animals, a story of how a little silly goat became such a special mythical unicorn-goat.  RRP £12.99.

Founders and authors Su Yen Hu and Lihui Wang comment:      “We are an entirely independent UK registered company with employees based in the UK and Taiwan, without doubt we believe passionately in the value of international cooperation and understanding.  In today’s society, more children are learning Mandarin than ever and we want our books to help make young children feel that Chinese culture and language is not at all alien. Not only do we want to make learning fun and memorable but we want to bring to life through our illustrated books some of our magnificent Chinese traditions and folklores and to familiarise readers with traditional Chinese ways of thinking and living which are still roots of modern China.