How Teenagers and Students can Overcome Dyslexia for Better Results

Human Intelligence Entrepreneur, Jonathan Kemp, didn’t know he was dyslexic until he was in his late 40’s and invented a next generation form of note taking called SmartWisdom, that gives dyslexic students a real advantage during lectures and exams. SmartWisdom overcomes a core problem for dyslexics – a barrier to learning.

Students with dyslexia often experience distress arising from their own condition and they require a special knowledge management method to reverse this tendency. SmartWisdom note-taking has been designed with the needs of dyslexics in mind. It’s scientifically proven to increase understanding in dyslexics by an average of 23% [1]. At present many solutions given to dyslexics are technology based to help reading or writing skills. SmartWisdom is the first solution to solve the great challenge of understanding new information when studying and upskill for  the workplace.

Dyslexics often experience difficulty reading and listening. Their reading and writing ability can be low and labour-intensive and can include difficulty spelling and poor handwriting. A person with dyslexia will often go out of their way to avoid activities that involve reading, listening to certain types of information (e.g. theoretical, conceptual, jargon intensive) and taking notes. They will often mispronounce or not understand certain names or words and have problems retrieving information. This can make lectures, writing reports and exam time even more of a challenge than it should be. Dyslexic, Jonathan Kemp had experienced all of this from a young age and became the driving force behind his unique invention, SmartWisdom.

SmartWisdom is a next generation form of note-taking that increases 10 key cognitive skills real-time, allowing dyslexic students to achieve their true potential™.

This unique system enhances listening, concentration, real-time comprehension (by an average 23% to 87% understanding, 3% above what non-dyslexics achieve) [2], deeper questioning, spotting patterns and links, critical and analytical thinking, and accurate and detailed recall. The SmartWisdom template® transforms your Glance Access™ during a meeting or presentation, so you can see all the information you have captured for up to 60 minutes in real-time, which increases your short-term memory by 100% or more. It also takes the stress out of lectures and meetings as you don’t have to capture every word.

Personal wellbeing also improves; users feel more relaxed, confident and excited by their ability to manage more information at a new level. It trains students to listen and concentrate at a high level for at least an hour, in meetings, lectures, and interview situations. The biggest advantage is that it puts dyslexics more in control of the information in lectures and exams, than anyone else there.

Students can use their increased knowledge gained in real time, which gives them an immediate edge, and afterwards quickly review their high quality lecture notes that are more concise, more detailed and easier to recall, even a year or more later. The focus is on meaning and the relationships between words and topics rather than just recording. It means that students are more able to focus simultaneously on listening, recording, understanding and questioning – something few humans attest to being able to do.

The SmartWisdom® course costs £99 for children from age 12 and students and £399 for non-students, and takes 5 hours. You can enrol in the SmartWisdom University at