hey!tech at CES 2016: Express yourself inside and outside your device!

January 2016-. Hey!tech (Booth 36511-LVCC South Hall 4) is a pioneering and worldwide unique technology that is built into the back of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, through a 16×16 dot display. It allows interaction with the environment by displaying everything that happens on the screen and giving real-time feedback and expressing emotions through icons, emoticons or messages, both fixed and animated… This way, it opens a new horizon in terms of communication and user experience.
Since always we use signs, tattoos, clothing … to express who we are and what we like. Technology however seems to ignore this fact. Hey!tech breaks down communications barriers transforming the back case of the devices into an interactive window to express whatever we want.


Hey! Social


“Hey!tech is a social facilitator. It helps users to connect with the people around you instantly. You can express yourself inside and outside your device. Besides, with hey!tech technology you can maximize your resources and your time” Miguel Ángel García Manchado, hey!tech CEO says.


With hey!tech you can show what you like: your football team, your favorite movie or book, your favorite band, the instruments you play, music festivals, icon artists, your favorite brand, your favorite places for holidays… Also shows how you feel: share to the people around you if you are feeling like party, in love, stressful, sad, enthusiastic…

Finally, show who you are: the year you were born, your nationality, your university, what you do for a living, your hobbies…


Hey! Professional

With hey!tech technology you can maximize your resources and your time. You can show your own availability like “Do not disturb feature”, “On skype”, “Back in few minutes…” Besides, who you are professionally speaking (your name, your position, the logo of your company…), events and contests…
Hey! Gaming

hey!tech technology shows who you are in your real and virtual life! Show the weapons you use, your points…Show off!


Hey! Education

The teacher would have an instant feedback to supervise if the students understand the current lesson and supervise if they are on the correct web or app. In this way teacher can adapt the pace of the class making sure everybody has understood the lesson. Though different interactive games between the teacher and the kids hey!tech will make classes more interactive! Kids won´t be afraid any more to be the first one to raise their hand or express their opinion in public. Learning has never been this fun!

There are different modes available:

Traffic light: Students will have a traffic light interface where they can easily express if they understand the subject or they got lost during the class.

Quick Test: The teacher can throw a question with different possible responses and the students will choose the one they think it´s right.

“Raise your hand”: Students can use this option whenever they have a question or they want to share something with the class.


“hey!tech helps kids express themselves and at the same time teachers can supervise the level of understanding and adapt the pace of the class. It´s a win to win technology”, Miguel Ángel García Manchado, hey!tech CEO says.


Video: https://vimeo.com/146099966








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