Heathfield Academy Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust in Darlington, has put forward an application to the Department for Education to open a brand new free school in Catterick.

Cambrai Community Primary School would be the first in the North Yorkshire area for the MAT, which currently comprises five schools – Heathfield Primary School, Hurworth Primary School, Northwood Primary School, Corporation Road Community Primary School and Mount Pleasant Primary School.

The school, set to be based on the former Darlington College site on Catterick Road, would be for children aged between three and eleven years. Plans include a primary school and a nursery and, if the application is successful, the school will open in September 2018.

Nick Blackburn, chief executive of Heathfield Academy Trust, said: “Catterick is an area of local need and North Yorkshire County Council has indicated that there is expected to be a shortfall of 730 primary school places in the area. In addition, the MoD has proposed 315 additional service families homes by 2019 in the surrounding area, accelerating the demand for primary places.

“At Heathfield Academy Trust, we have a vision for a highly successful family of schools where children are supported educationally, socially and practically to achieve their highest potential in school and in life. We are truly inclusive and aim to make the biggest difference to the whole child and the local community.

“We also have a strong track record of partnership working and offer a broad and balanced curriculum which nurtures young people’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, helping them through life situations. The Multi-Academy Trust has a strong capacity to make a great success of the proposed free school and we look forward to the decision being made in early 2017.”

County Councillor Arthur Barker said: “A housing development in Catterick Garrison, Richmondshire will, we anticipate, create the need for significant additional primary school places after 2018.  Discussions have taken place with schools, parents and the wider community in the area to understand their views about how the additional provision might be made.

“In March it was decided that the additional primary school places to serve the developments should be provided in the form of a new Primary Academy from September 2018 and, as a result, work should commence to secure an academy sponsor. In addition, consideration was to be given to the existing accommodation at Le Cateau, Hipswell and Colburn Primary Schools to ensure that all additional places required could be provided. Additional capacity will now be available at these primary schools from September 2017.

“North Yorkshire County Council supports the application from Heathfield Academy Trust, which already sponsors a number of schools near Catterick and who the DfE identified as a potential sponsor for the new school in Catterick.

“Although happy to support the application from Heathfield Academy Trust, we understand that it is a competitive process and that a final decision on the sponsor will be taken by the Secretary of State.”

For more information on Heathfield Academy Trust visit http://heathfieldacademytrust.com/