Hallfield children are on top of the world after raising over £3,200 in a bid to end world hunger

Two pupils from Hallfield School conquered Mount Snowdon and raised a whopping £3,236 to feed less fortunate children hundreds of miles away.
Siblings, Sian Doal in Year 6 and Mohini Doal in Year 5 at the Edgbaston school, were the youngest of the 100 people participating in the charity walk on Saturday 14 July.
It took the generous duo between three and four hours to complete the trek – and partake in some ‘flossing’ action – but they said it was all worth it:
“We did it all for the kids in Malawi. It was hard, but we got through it.” They said: “We made Hallfield proud.”
The charity they worked with, Zero Hunger with Langar, has used the funds to serve children in Malawi, Africa.
Mr Jag Singh, Founder of Zero Hunger with Langar, said: “’Langar’ is the concept of FREE compassionate food for all people, regardless of faith, gender, age or social status and we believe in a world where food and freedom exists everywhere – serving is what we’re all about.
“It’s a win-win situation for the children in Malawi – we have helped them to become happier and have given them the drive to want to learn at school once they have had langar. The food we have supplied has helped many children back into schooling and reduced the number of children in villages looking for work to survive.
“Sian and Mohini are extremely inspiring children – especially to their peers. We were delighted to have them on board with us.”
Keith Morrow, Head Master at Hallfield School, said: “Everyone at Hallfield is extremely proud of Sian and Mohini.
“Their incredible efforts have made a huge difference to a number of lives in Africa. They are a huge asset to the school.
You can watch a short video about their experience here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y7_pZkQ9ZQ