Free #Fillthegap sampler sessions from RED Academy

Graduates invited to get hands-on with free digital skills workshops

RED Academy, a leading design and technology course provider which works to fill the digital skills gap between the education system and industry demand, is offering free technology workshop sessions in London throughout August and September.

The sessions will give graduates and young adults the opportunity to learn key Digital Marketing and User Experience (UX) Design skills, exposing them to the expertise needed in today’s evolving job market.

The series of summer events kick off on 8 August at 6pm at RED Academy, Aldwych House, London, with a session entitled “Digital Skills Workshop: Social Media that Converts”. It will cover various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and explore how they relate to business marketing.

For those interested in UX Design, RED Academy is hosting a workshop on 15 August, 6pm, at Aldwych House. The session will give attendees insight into a day in the life of a UX designer, exploring the role and the specifics involved.

Further workshops exploring search engine optimisation (SEO), keywords and conducting user research are also available throughout August and September. The sampler events are open to recent graduates starting out in the industry, those looking for a career change or those who are simply interested in the sector.

Founder of RED Academy, Colin Mansell said: “The importance for young adults to be prepared for the future job market has never been more apparent. Currently, three in four UK businesses report a digital skills shortage among their employees and with over 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020, being able to give students real-world insight into industries and skills that are likely to dominate future markets is essential.

“At RED Academy, our ultimate aim is to fill the digital skills gap which currently exists when many young adults leave further and higher education courses. We are offering these free taster sessions in order to expose them to first-hand industry experience and give them an overview of the roles that lie within the digital marketing and UX design spheres.”

The workshops are designed to help people make decisions around potential career opportunities, and to raise awareness of the full and part-time digital skills courses that RED Academy offers. The list of topics are as follows:

Digital Marketing


UX Design


To sign up for the free upcoming taster sessions, please visit