Ending the world’s wettest school run is Sailors’ Society’s primary aim

Primary school children are being invited to put an end to the World’s Wettest School Run – and help other children get an education – through a new appeal and accompanying assembly resources from international maritime charity Sailors’ Society.

The World’s Wettest School Run Appeal aims to collect enough coins to stretch 2km when they are lined up edge to edge – the distance children at Sulangan Integrated School in the Philippines had to wade, or even swim, to school before Sailors’ Society provided them with two motorised boats.

Sailors’ Society is dedicated to supporting seafarers and their families in need around the world. It wants to raise money for its education programme to help more children in seafaring communities around the world – including another school run boat and a library boat in the Philippines, funding a school in Ghana, education grants for children whose parents are in poverty and more.

Sailors’ Society launched the appeal this week and is encouraging schools to get involved by downloading its assembly resources – a PowerPoint, video and engagement tools to tell the story of the World’s Wettest School Run and explain how seafarers transport 90 per cent of everything we use to the UK.

Sailors’ Society’s director of advocacy Melanie Warman said: “The World’s Wettest School Run shows British schoolchildren how different life can be for other children around the world.

“Through the resources, we also help children understand where most of the things they use every day – like toys, clothes and food – come from and find out how they get here.

“Children are invited to donate during the assembly, which will help other children to have a brighter future.”

The Wettest School Run video features children from Bransgore Church of England Primary School, talking about how they get to school as well as telling the story of Filipino schoolboy Ramie Aronales, who used to wade or swim before the school boat arrived.

Bransgore’s head teacher Paul Brown said: “We’re very proud of our screen stars and looking forward to showing the film during our assembly.

“We’re always looking for ways to help children gain a better awareness of the world around them and the World’s Wettest School Run helps them feel connected to their peers thousands of miles away.”

Sailors’ Society is planning to develop its school partnerships further, through competitions and twinning opportunities that will enable children to communicate with and learn from pupils elsewhere in the world.

To download the resources, go to www.sailors-society.org/schoolconnect