Electronic Temperature Instruments launches TimeWash digital timer for hand washing

Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI), the UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer and exporter of electronic thermometers and temperature probes, has launched a new sensor-based digital timer to encourage hand washing. The new TimeWash is designed for restaurants, hospitals, schools and any business where hand hygiene is critical as the UK emerges from lockdown and people return to work. 

For a more effective display, the ETI TimeWash, which costs £19.20 inclusive of VAT, can be mounted onto a wall using supplied Velcro or double-sized tape, displayed in this ‘how to’ video.

By utilising sensors, the TimeWash timer is activated by a wave of the hand which starts the countdown timer. The large clear LCD acts as a visual progress monitor and when the time is complete the user will hear an audible alarm indicating that their hand wash is complete.

The model incorporates eight pre-set countdown times: 20, 30 and 40 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 minutes. The set time button is discreetly positioned on the rear of the unit.

Peter Webb, ETI managing director, comments: “The TimeWash is designed to encourage employees to take time to thoroughly wash their hands by giving them a visual cue. Technology can help on all fronts when it comes to dispelling any anxieties about workplace hygiene and returning to work. Products like the TimeWash can reinforce new behaviours by reminding staff to remain hygienic which reduces cross-contamination. Workplaces with the TimeWash will also reassure its occupants that preventative infection control measures are being taken seriously.”

For more information on the TimeWash® Digital Hand Wash Timer please visit https://thermometer.co.uk/timers-alarms/1352-timewash-digital-timer-for-hand-washing.html?search_query=timer&results=13&goal=0_4d990ad939-da689b675e-61092732&mc_cid=da689b675e&mc_eid=5439c0f7a8