Educater to become sole online provider of STAT Sheffield tracking and assessment

Sheffield schools, Sheffield Council and leading tracking and assessment provider, Educater, have partnered together to develop STATonline, a system which helps schools to adapt to life after levels. Educater will become the sole online provider to use the STAT Sheffield assessment grids, and STATonline will be the only system to offer both electronic recording for teachers and high quality analysis for leaders.


The content and range of options has been produced by the school leaders who created the STAT Sheffield assessment materials, with the functionality and intuitive design developed by the Bett Futures 2015 cohort and BT Innovation award-winning designers of Educater. The system integrates with leading MIS systems such as Capita SIMs, RM Integris & Facility CMIS, and is web-based, allowing access to data from anywhere. It enables staff to efficiently input data for individuals, groups of pupils or by the whole class, and produces a variety of reports to help track attainment and progress.


Stephen Betts, leader of the STAT Project in Sheffield commented: “STATonline enables teachers to record assessment information quickly and has a direct impact on the way they plan children’s learning. It enables leaders to analyse attainment and progress efficiently, both to understand the needs of their school and to report to others. It is the only system to offer both electronic recording for teachers and high quality analysis for leaders.”


The partnership between STAT Sheffield and Educater has enabled the team to create an online system which is designed to be intuitive; it is quick to meet the needs and requirements of staff and has the potential to impact directly on teaching and learning.


Neil Frankland, headteacher at Brunswick Primary School said: “We’ve been using STAT grids for our tracking and assessment for around two years now and will soon be transitioning to STATonline, which we’re really excited about. The live tracking feature available through the system means that assessment can be carried out in real-time, allowing senior leaders and staff to record and access pupil data whenever they need to. This efficiency allows us to be able to facilitate a fast, accurate picture of a child’s attainment, leading to more accurate planning.”


Gareth Heggie, director at Educater said: “Working with the STAT steering group has been rewarding. For our company, having close access to schools has meant that we’ve been able to develop a system that we know is effective, which is always our priority. A collaboration like this means that STATonline addresses a real need amongst schools, helping to assess and track pupils while allowing teachers to plan and school leadership teams to easily access data in real-time.”


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