EduCare Make Courses Free in Response to School Closures

The impact of Coronavirus is affecting people in many ways. Duty of care and safeguarding training specialists, EduCare, recognise the impact that school closures will have on the safeguarding of children and young people, and have made a number of their courses and resources available for free online. 

The courses and resources, which are usually only available to customers, can now be accessed for free via EduCare’s recently launched Coronavirus Hub. 

Amongst these resources is information from EduCare’s owner TES, which will support teachers, schools and students during this time. This includes revision material, home packs and self-guided study material.

In addition to the free courses and resources, the Hub also contains the latest news and recommendations for good practice relating to the Coronavirus and children and young people whilst away from education.

Understanding that remote training will be vital to schools over the coming months, EduCare has also made seven online CPD courses available for free. These are: 

  • “Effective Health & Safety for Children with SEND and ASN”
  • “Parental Responsibility in Schools”
  • “Search, Screen and Confiscate for Schools”
  • “Risk Assessments for School Trips”
  • “Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption”
  • “Cyber Security”
  • “Working with Display Screen Equipment”

Also available for free are wellbeing resources from EduCare’s EduSafe resource library. Designed for the community of parents and carers, and children and young people, EduSafe resources have been written with leading experts including Winston’s Wish, Karma Nirvana, YoungMinds, Mentor and The Children’s Society.

EduCare is communicating the message that whilst safeguarding has always been everyone’s responsibility, with school closures this will be more relevant than ever. Schools will soon lose day to day contact with their pupils and so our communities will need to act together to support children and young people.

The intention of the EduSafe resource library is to ensure that the community can access the same level of high-quality information as education staff receive as part of their training. 

EduSafe is split into two banks of resources – resources that are specifically designed for parents & carers, and resources that are specifically designed for children & young people. 

Topics covered within EduSafe include:

  • Mental health
  • Substance misuse
  • Dealing with bereavement and loss
  • Honour-based abuse and forced marriage

More directly related to immediate issues presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, EduCare’s Coronavirus Hub also includes free resources and information relating to the virus itself and preventing its spread. Within this section, there is also the most up-to-date news from TES editorial team, as the situation develops.

To find out more, access EduCare’s Coronavirus Hub at