DigiExam launches ‘Teacher Time Machine’ to reveal digital divide


DigiExam, the online exam and assessment platform for schools, has today launched their #TeacherTimeMachine campaign, designed to highlight the time spent by manually creating and marking exam papers, revealing how much time that really equates to, i.e. time spent running a marathon, time on holiday or the number of coffee breaks.

The ‘Teacher Time Machine’ is a widget on the DigiExam homepage, that enables teachers to enter 3 simple figures relating to the time they spend marking, in order to reveal how much time they could be saving by going digital.

“We wanted to put into black and white the real difference going digital with exams makes,” explains Sandra Kimmark, Marketing Director at DigiExam. “It’s something we know to be true, but until you see the numbers it’s hard to believe. We say that digital exams are the natural next step in the ‘digital revolution’ of schools, but we want teachers to see for themselves, on an individual basis, the impact it could have on their working lives.

“Teachers’ time is precious, and we want teachers to be able to claim that time back – whether it means they don’t have piles and piles of marking on the weekends, or just so that they have more time doing what they do best: teaching. We think it’s time for examinations to move into the 21st century”, Sandra concludes.

The widget will be permanently on the DigiExam website at digiexam.com/timemachine. Teachers are invited to calculate  the time they can save and share on Twitter with the hashtag #TeacherTimeMachine @DigiExam.