Demand for vape detectors in schools on the rise, with half a million ‘vaping’ alerts sent to headteachers in the last year –


Schools across the country are receiving up to 22 alerts per day amid the vaping trend among students as young as nine abandoning classrooms to smoke e-cigarettes in school toilets.  


According to Vape Guardian, the UK’s leading supplier of vape detectors for schools across the UK, over half a million vaping alerts issued to over 280 schools in the UK and Ireland in last year alone.  


The news comes as the Prime Minister announced yesterday at the Conservative Party Conference that “As any parent or teacher knows, one of the most worrying trends right now is the rise in vaping amongst children – one in five children have used vapes. We must act before it becomes endemic.” 


Shockingly, Vape Guardian say they’ve also seen an alarming rise of primary schools enquiring about its Smart Vape Sensor, as teachers express a significant increase in pupils as young as nine years old or under become addicted to vapes.  


Celebrating its first year of trading this month, sales for Smart Vape Sensor have exceeded first year sales projections. The couple behind the business have revealed that many headteachers across the UK, and the world, often tell them how they’re desperately trying to combat the rising issue of vape use within their schools. 

Simon Hassett, 36, from Southampton, founded Vape Guardian with his wife, Jean after they heard about the problem through a teacher friend last summer. Parents to four children themselves, aged 2, 4, 8 and 10 the couple have made it their mission to tackle the harmful effects of the vaping industry head-on by preventing children and adolescents from falling prey to its harmful effects.   


The company is the first UK company to manufacture the Smart Vape Sensor devices, which are already being used widely in schools in America and Australia. It has sold thousands of units worldwide. Smart Vape Sensors uses cutting-edge designed to continuously monitor and detect e-cigarette contaminants in the air, and teachers are parents alike are a calling it a simple solution, to a complex problem facing the younger generation. 


Simon said: “Schools are places where peer pressure can be particularly strong so when smoking and vaping are prevalent, students may feel compelled to engage in these activities to fit in. That’s why we’re proud that in just one year of establishing Vape Guardian, we’ve reached nearly 300 schools across the UK with a simple and incredibly effective solution that allows both parents and school staff to have the confidence that they can respond to pupils who are vaping, as well as preventing it from happening in the first place. Schools have been putting them in the toilets and when vaping is detected, an alert is triggered and sent to teachers within five seconds, so they can take appropriate action.” 


The Smart Vape Sensor uses cutting-edge technology and is the latest innovation in e-cigarette safety technology and has been designed to continuously monitor and detect contaminants in the air that are unique to e-cigarette vapour.     

With a ban for disposable vapes on the horizon, Simon says the government is not moving fast enough, but there is “is no time to waste”, adding: “More than 40 children and young people have been admitted to hospital in England over the last year because of vaping-related conditions.


“Vaping amongst children and young people is fast becoming an epidemic, and the government is not moving fast enough to prevent it, despite its promises. They should be closing the net fast on the shameless and unregulated companies marketing single-use vaping products to children just to make a profit.”  


Earlier this year, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health called for a ban on disposable vapes and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently reported a rise in vaping among young people, with 15.5% of 16 to 24-year-olds reporting vaping daily or on occasion in 2022, up from 11.1% in 2021. 


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