Create stop-motion animations quickly, easily and for free!

If you are in need of some isolation inspiration why not get creative and make a stop motion animation! This is a perfect activity for all the family to enjoy yet simple enough for children to use independently.  Make amazing movies and share them with friends and family online.

Cloud Stop Motion is free to use and allows you to create stop motion animations quickly and easily, all you need is a phone or tablet (or a computer and webcam) and something to animate. Just go to capture your pictures, record some dialogue, add some music and sound effects, then create titles and credits to finish your film. You can then export your finished film as a video file (MP4) and share it with your friends and family and us! A fun and creative way to spend some time!

Closed Schools If your school is currently closed we would like to offer teachers a free 50GB organisation account, with unlimited student accounts. Students can create their animations within their student account, teachers can then watch, edit and export all their student’s animations from their organisation admin area. Teachers please do get in touch with us on to request your free school account.    Everyone else, please do help us spread the word to schools and teachers about this free offer, we would like to help where we can in this uncertain time.