Celebrities and campaigners join Mindfulness in Schools Project to help make children’s mental health a priority today

Famous names from the worlds of TV, film, radio and politics will join teachers and mental health campaigners to raise funds for Mindfulness in Schools Project’s ‘A Million Minds Matter’ Appeal at their conference in London on 26th April 2019.
The charity is hosting a star-studded day for teachers, school leaders, educators and parents to broaden their knowledge of mindfulness and inspire them to bring evidence-based mindfulness curricula into school communities. Proceeds from the event will go to the charity’s ‘A Million Minds Matter’ Appeal which aims provide high quality mindfulness training to a million young people in the next five years.
London, UK, April 2019 – With stories emerging almost daily about the crisis in mental health faced by children and young people, and the increasing pressures on schools and their staff, Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) aims to highlight the life changing benefits of the programmes they supply to children and to those who care for them, and raise funds to reach more schools.
Established by teachers for teachers, the charity aims to improve the lives of children by providing them with high-quality classroom-based mindfulness training. MiSP trains teachers in how to introduce young people to secular mindfulness and provides a life skill that both teachers and children can come back to time after time.
The conference brings together a panel of expert speakers, headlined by Ruby Wax, sharing inspirational testimonies and performances which demonstrate the power of mindfulness as an effective tool for 21st century living. Speakers include:

• Ruby Wax – comedian, author and presenter,
• Jonny Benjamin – award-winning mental health campaigner, film producer, public speaker, writer and vlogger
• Caroline Lucas – MP, Green Party
• Jerome Flynn – Soldier Soldier and Game of Thrones actor
• Sir Steve Lancashire, founder and CEO of REAch2
• Cel Spellman – actor and radio presenter
• Vidyamala Burch – co-founder of Breathworks, a mindfulness charity
• Jason Steele – founder and CEO of non-profit Raise the Youth
• Parham Vasaiely – UN-advisor, engineer and mindfulness pioneer in the STEM industry
• Voices of experience – first hand accounts from teachers and children

MiSP believes that schools that are unable to designate a budget for their gold-standard mindfulness training should still have access. The ‘A Million Minds Matter’ Appeal seeks to raise the funding required so that no children are excluded from this life-changing approach and can benefit from the practice of mindfulness through MiSP’s evidence-based programmes.

Chivonne Preston, CEO of MiSP, said: “Mindfulness practice provides a toolkit which builds resilience and enables individuals to flourish. MiSP is dedicated to making a genuine, positive difference to the mental health and wellbeing of a generation of children now and in the future. We are thrilled to have such a fantastic array of speakers coming to support us at our conference and are delighted to welcome our audience to come and learn more about mindfulness and the role it can play in our schools”.

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