Budget 2017: reaction

Comments to be by-lined to Rosi Prescott, CEO of leading education, health and wellbeing charity, Central YMCA

“As an organisation that has helped steer many thousands of young people through an apprenticeship, the announcement by the Chancellor today to truly establish a parity of esteem between academic and technical education is warmly welcomed by Central YMCA.

“Just last year, our ‘World of Good’ report found failing within the education system and unemployment to be the top two concerns of young people, so this move to show apprenticeships, which bridge the gap between learning and earning, as a viable, and credible, alternative to university is hugely important.

“It’s no secret apprenticeships can and do act a vehicle of social mobility for students from disadvantaged backgrounds so the announcement to allow technical students access to maintenance loans is also greatly welcomed. It’s high time this parity of esteem was achieved and we look forward to seeing the Government plans take shape, in the face of a reforming apprenticeship programme, in the coming months and years.”

Central YMCA offers a full range of apprenticeships and study programmes through YMCA Training.