Bright Hygiene support Oxford Brookes University and 5asideChess event to build awareness of mental health and suicide issues.

Bright Hygiene, one of the UK’s leading specialist kitchen cleaning companies, will be offering their support to 5asideCHESS at Oxford Brookes University. This joint event is particularly poignant as the day of the Oxford Brookes University event is University Mental Health Day.

5asideCHESS is a social enterprise determined to reconnect people in a disconnected world. Their team offer a unique way of addressing the issues around social isolation and the feelings of not fitting in that are increasingly experienced by our university students. This year, they are running events around the country using a short form of the traditional game of chess to help engage and connect individuals. Games are open to players and non-players alike and often result in the sharing of expertise and experiences from one to the other.

Ryan Childs of 5asideCHESS said: “We are incredibly grateful to Bright Hygiene for their support with our enterprise. We all know that issues around mental health and suicide amongst university students is on the rise and we aim to help address these with this important event supporting University Mental Health Day and our ongoing tour.”

He added: “We are supported by The Battling Suicide Bus, which acts as a safe place to meet and talk about concerns, or just share the time of day by saying ‘Hello’ to our team and other visitors. Students often share their feelings of loneliness or disconnection, using the bus or the chess tournaments as a conduit to start the conversation. It also offers a space where students can share memories or leave a testimonial to a friend or family member who has taken their own life.”

Francesca Smith, MD of Bright Hygiene said: “Bright Hygiene are delighted to be supporting the 5asideCHESS team at this important event at Oxford Brookes University and throughout the remainder of their tour of colleges and universities in the UK. We are acutely aware of the many and complex issues young people are facing following our interaction with the team and we want to support their huge efforts in helping this age group share their challenges and fears.”